What motivates you?

One of my biggest motivators in life is fear: fear of failure; fear of not living up to and achieving my goals.

But, as I’m in England right now, I discovered a new motivator…

If you think that inflation and prices are bad in the USA, you haven’t seen a THING until you get over to the United Kingdom. It’s shocking here.

Gas is $9/gallon!

But it’s not just gas, but day to day staples of living: bread, eggs, milk, juice and beer!
To give you an idea of the inflation here, I saw an article in a local paper that tracks the prices of many of the staples above that I just mentioned. Since last summer, the price of eggs, milk and bread has DOUBLED! That’s insane. Even in the local pub, a pint of a beer is about $6.50 US. That makes Manhattan seem cheap.

Well, for the first few days I moped around complaining about how expensive everything was. Then I realized, that the simple solution to the problem, rather than to complain, was to go out and make more money.

Now I’m not saying that money is the solution to all of our problems, and that rising inflation and costs are certainly something that you should be aware of. However, you have two choices in life: you can complain about your economic situation, or you can take action, and do something about. That’s what I decided to do while I’m here. I’m not going to complain about the prices here, but rather, it’s energized and motivated me to make even more money this year (yes, money does motivate me right alongside fear).

So how can you (and I) make more money this year? Do more deals!

How can you do more deals? More marketing…it’s really that simple.
If you need help with your marketing, then you should seriously consider becoming a SaveMeFromForeclosure.com local representative. I’m not going to plug it anymore, other than that it’s the exact same system that has made me (and lots of other investors around the country) very successfully, and more efficient with their time.

On another note, you’re going to be seeing a lot of people (including yours truly) promoting a relaunch of Preston Ely’s Probate course this upcoming week. I have actually had a copy of it since the first launch, and it’s really great material. I was actually pretty ignorant of probates until I learned about them from Preston. It’s something that is ABSOLUTELY going into my marketing arsenal when I get back to the USA (that’s the more marketing part I was talking about earlier in this post).

Anyway, as usual, I’m going to offer a bonus for Preston’s course if you purchase it through my link. I haven’t quite figured out yet what that bonus will be, but Dreama and I are going to discuss it in the car today (we have a 3 hour drive to Liverpool, to visit my 92 year old grandmother!)

I know Preston personally, and he’s a really good guy. I know that it’s really weak when you get an email and someone writes “…I was just talking to my best friend in the whole wide world _________ ” because you’re thinking to yourself “Is this guy for real, or has he just copied and pasted an email”. Well I know Preston personally. We’re friends, but certainly not best friends. We’ve only known each for about a year. However, I can tell you first hand that he’s a quality individual, and that his probate course is great. In fact, here’s a video of the two us in Naples, FL last fall:

That’s all for now. Hopefully this has inspired you to get out that and make some more money. Real estate, and specifically preforeclosures, are one of the best ways to achieve those goals.

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