For everyone who is going to make an investment in Karen Hanover & DC Fawcett’s incredible Commercial Foreclosure Goldrush system, I want to be sure that when you purchase through my link, you are eligible for the following bonuses. Please note that to qualify for these bonuses, you MUST purchase the ELITE level of Karen & DC’s system.  I recorded a quick video for you to watch to see all of the bonuses and how they work perfectly with DC & Karen’s system:

BONUS #1- Waived Set-up Fee for your very own county (Value: $2,497)

Instantly have a page 1 Google ranked website, instant credibility, a perfect track record with the Better Business Bureau and SO MUCH MORE with this bonus.  What you get is too lengthy to list here, so check out this link.

BONUS #2- New 4 week coaching program showing you how to get FREE labor for your business (Value: Priceless)

Dreama and I have been working on a super secret project that shows you exactly how you can get FREE labor, from college educated people, without having to spend a penny on payroll.  This is part of a super-secret new project we’re working on, but you’ll get instant, immediate access to a 4 week coaching program revealing EXACTLY what we’re doing with this.  That’s all I can say about this, but if you realize that you need more resources to help your business grow, but you’re sick of Virtual Assistants, this is one bonus you simply must claim.

BONUS #3- Access Justin & Dreama’s Private Money For Your Commercial Deals (Value: Priceless)

If you have been following Dreama & I for a while you know that we recently sold our million dollar home in Vancouver to move to San Diego (because it’s cheaper here…seriously).  We have set aside some of our funds for great commercial deals.  In fact, we found one in February that pays us a net cash flow of $4,432.19 per month.  But we’re looking for more.  Purchase Karen & DC’s elite level program through our link, and be assured that we’ll personally review any deal that you’re working on and be able to help be private lenders on good deals that you find.  These are our own personal private funds, not someone else’s. Sure no money down deals are possible, but when you have cash to bring to the table, the number (and quality) of deals available to you really opens up.  (Please note that Dreama and I reserve the right to review and inspect all deals before we agree to lend on them).

BONUS #4- Be entered into the following prize drawings (Value: $1,000+)

Buy through our special link and you’ll instantly be entered into a draw for the following items:

Raffle Item #1- Free roundtrip airfare to Karen & DC’s 4 day bootcamp (so you don’t have to pay to attend, you can just show up)

Raffle Item #2- New flip cam

Raffle Item #3- New Ipod Nano

There you have it. Four incredible bonuses available for you by purchasing DC & Karen’s system through my special link. Remember that you must purchase the ELITE level of their system, and also use my link. After you do that, just forward me your receipt and we’ll take care of you.

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