Are you aware of what’s going on with the legislatures in
many states trying to stop, or even shut down, creative real
estate investing?

Especially if you work in the preforeclosure market, many
irresponsible new laws are going into effect each

From Oregon to Maryland, North Carolina to Wisconsin, laws
are being passed that are making it difficult for honest,
ethical investors to conduct business.

Look, I’m not a political activist. But when I see how
terrible many of these laws are for investors across the
USA, I want to bring it to the attention of as many people
as possible.

That is why I want to invite you to a very important
conference call:

Join Us For An Industry-wide
“Responsible Investors” Teleconference Call:

DATE: Wed, April 23rd
TIME: 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST

Pre-Register online to download the “Responsible Investors”
Guide and Access Dial In Info by visiting:

Don’t Let Confusion Hold You Back Any More.

Get CLEAR on Which Investing Practices are “Trouble” and
Should Be Avoided and Get Back to Business.

NARHRI is the preeminent lobbying and legislative
organization for real estate investors nationwide and
here’s what we’re seeing (and fighting) around the country:

* Overreaching Legislation Aimed At Rogue,
Irresponsible Investors
* Exhorbitant Fines for Violations
* Criminalized Transactions
* Banned Advertising Practices

On our April “Responsible Investors” call, John Grant, the
Executive Director of the National Association of
Responsible Home Rebuilders and Investors (NARHRI) will
discuss what the primary “culprits” are — which investing
and advertising practices attract “unwanted attention” from
legislators and law enforcement officials and what
“responsible investors” are doing to stay on the right side
of the law. John will talk about the present and future of:

* foreclosure consulting,
* pre-foreclosure investing,
* lease backs to owners, and
* “subject to” transactions.

John will also discuss the upcoming legislative fights that
NARHRI is conducting including helping to re-write and
improve an imminent federal “anti-investor” bill.

Being a responsible investor requires being aware of
industry developments and regulations and committing to
staying in compliance.

Join Us on Wed, April April 23rd to Learn How to Be A
“Responsible Investor”; Pre-Register And Receive Your
Responsible Investors Call Guide Today:

If You Don’t Know The Laws,
How Can You Obey The Law?

Responsible Investors Are…
Protecting the Industry and Rebuilding Communities.

Pre-Register online to download the “Responsible Investors”
Guide and Access Dial In Info by visiting:

Together we can make a difference.

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