Yesterday I sent out an email about an event in Las Vegas this weekend.  I am personally NOT going to that event, as I am already attending Chris Daigle’s Virtual Investing Seminar in New Orleans, LA that same weekend.

However, I sent out that email because I have had PERONSAL one-on-one consulting with Bruce Mack, so I’m confident that any event he put on would be fantastic.

I now want to turn your attention to another event that I’ll be PERSONALLY attending at the end of October.  I hope that you’ll all join me, as I am making a personal investment in continuing my Pre.Foreclosure education.

I really hope that you’ll join me.  I’ll be there with my wife Dreama, and our 11 week old baby, Stella.  If you do go, please let me know in advance, and we’ll try and set something up for the community!

See you in sunny Florida, and please read the entire email below:

I hope you’ve had a chance to purchase and listen to Ryan Tewis, Angie Tewis and Claude Whited’s training program:  “The Ultimate Fast Start Guide To Getting Started Making A Fortune With Pre-Foreclosures & Short-Sales”

They are widely considered THE TOP 3 experts in the niche of Pre-Foreclosures and Short-Sales.

Anyway, if you haven’t had the chance to purchase the introductory training course, you can get it online at:

But that’s not what this urgent email is about…

You see, this October 25th, 26th and 27th I’ll be attending Ryan’s LIVE 3 day training event in Naples, Florida.

Ryan extended a special offer for all of my customers on that call to come down for only $3,500!  (The normal tuition price is $5,000!)

Also, he threw in a ton of killer bonuses including…

–> 1. Access to their PRIVATE FUNDING! You’ll be getting access to Ryan’s PRIVATE FUNDING for your Pre-Foreclosure deals.  That benefit alone is PRICELESS!

–> 2. $1,500.00 SAVINGS! This is a $5,000 per person event, but right now during this special offer your tuition is just $3,500, and you can even break that up into 2 easy payments of $1,750 each!

–> 3. Claude’s Mastering Paperwork and Land Trust Training Course! You will also get a copy of Claude’s mastering paperwork and Land Trust training course (a $1,900.00 value) AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

–> 4. Access to their $10,000.0 a year GOLD Coaching Membership Website: You get instant support and access to this private online Membership website from now until you come down to their event in October!

–> 5. A copy of their MILLION DOLLAR MANUAL! This is basically Ryan’s “Operations Manual” handed to you on a silver platter. Loaded with sample marketing materials, scripts, campaigns, sample Short-Sale packages, sample agreements, and more!

–> 6. Access to Ryan, Angie, and Claude! Not only will you get three intense, hard-core days of training from them…but you will also have the opportunity to come up to the microphone and ask them specific deal questions you might have.

They have scheduled several of these Q&A sessions throughout the event to make sure every question gets answered!

Plus, don’t forget to come pick their brains one-on-one at the VIP cocktail party!

–> 7. Ryan’s Better-than-risk-FRE*E Guarantee! And of course you are always protected by Ryan’s better-than-risk-fre*e guarantee.

If you don’t feel that you’ve received at least ten times the value after you’ve sat through the seminar for all three days, just come to the back of the room and talk to one of his team members and Ryan will happily write you a check for 100% of your money back…PLUS an additional $500 for documented travel expenses.

So that’s a little about the event.  And I am going to be there and I look forward to seeing you there.

But here’s the TINY window of opportunity I was telling you about and why this is so urgent…

Technically the deadline for Ryan’s $3,500 offer is now over, and the current tuition is now $5,000.

But a couple of my customers emailed me yesterday and said that they were able to still reserve their seat online for $3,500!

Apparently Ryan’s webguy is swamped with other projects and he hasn’t had a chance to change the price yet!

So if you act really fast, you may still be able to squeeze in at the $3,500 price!

Just go here now and click on the “Reserve Your Seat Now” button:

Why wait and pay $1,500.00 more?

Go reserve your seat now before this special offer disappears.

But be sure to register ONLINE, because if you call into Ryan’s office you’ll be asked to invest the $5,000.

So go here:

Good luck!

Justin Lee
REI Marketing Tips

p.s. I’m not exactly sure when Ryan’s webguy is going to get around to getting the new webpage with the new tuition price done, but it will be later tonight most likely.

So go here now!

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