Great news for all short sale investors: FHA just announced that they are NO LONGER requiring 90 day seasoning for people to purchase properties.

So what does this mean for you?  Let’s break it down into the most simple terms.

Many people who were using the technique of using short sales for “back-to-back” closings had difficulty in finding “end buyers” who could be approved for financing, because FHA wouldn’t allow them to buy these homes.

In other words, investors were finding it increasinly difficult to find an “end buyer” for their “back-to-back” closings because that end buyer was NOT allowed to use FHA financing (per FHA guidelines).

Well come February 1st 2010 the FHA has decided to WAIVE that for a 1 year period.

You can read the entire waiver directly on HUD’s website right here.

Here are some hilights:

  • 90 day seasoning rule waived for 1 year beginning February 1st 2010
  • No pattern of previous flipping activity exists for the subject property (ie no multiple flips within the past 12 months)
  • The property was marketed “openly and fairly” by MLS, auction, FSBO, etc
  • If the increase in price is over 20% of the seller’s acquisition cost, a 2nd appraisal may be required
  • All transactions must be arms-length, with no identity of interest between the buyer and seller or other parties participating in the sales transaction

More directly from the HUD website:

The policy change will permit buyers to use FHA-insured financing to purchase HUD-owned properties, bank-owned properties, or properties resold through private sales. This will allow homes to resell as quickly as possible, helping to stabilize real estate prices and to revitalize neighborhoods and communities.

Note the last sentence in the paragraph above: “This will allow homes to resell as quickly as possible, helping to stabilize real estate prices and to revitalize neighborhoods and communities.”

That tells me that HUD and other lending institutions are finally starting the see the value that short sale and preforeclosure investors are bringing when it comes to rebuilding America’s housing market.

This is GREAT news for you, because now your end buyers are allowed to use FHA financing!

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