I watch 60 minutes nearly every week, because I really enjoy their style of reporting. While occasionally it can have a slant one way or another (what journalism doesn’t), I genuinely find their reporting to be very interesting an informative.

I actually have 60 minutes set up as a “season pass” on my Tivo, so I get to watch every episode.

Naturally, with this week’s lead report being on foreclosures, I was very interested to watch, to say the least. I was really excited to see how a major news story would cover an industry and sector that I have been following for years. There were some really eye-opening aspects of the story, even for me.

The one take away I had from watching, was that I couldn’t help but think that these lenders are really going to have to loosen up their short sale guidelines. Take a look, and let me know what you think:

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