I hope that you have something fun planned for the Labor
Day long weekend.

They don’t have Labor Day here in Greece, but they do
Siesta everyday from 2-5pm. Nothing gets down here during
those hours. In fact, it’s RUDE to call someone in Greece
between the hours of 3-5pm.

But enough about Greece.

Before you start your long weekend, I wanted to remind you
about my good buddy, Colin Andrews Egbert, and his REI
Connect from Sept 12-14th.


Sadly I won’t be there, but I want YOU to go. Why?
Because live events have been one of the major reasons for
success in my real estate business.

So if you’re a newbie just starting out, I want you to go
there and network with others and soak up information like
a sponge!

If you’re an experienced investor, then it’s even MORE
important for you to be there. Network with the elite, &
find out what is, and more importantly, what ISN’T
working for these super successful people.

Trust me, if I was anywhere in North America that weekend
I would be there. I was really bummed out when Colin
announced the dates, especially since he had asked me to do
some teaching and educating while I was there.

No worries though, just because I won’t be there, doesn’t
mean that you shouldn’t be.


My friend, Colin Andrews Egbert, is the co-
founder of the hottest online community
for real estate investors, called …
He’s assembling some of the brightest minds
in the industry. These experts will show YOU
exactly how they’ve been able to go to the bank
again and again and again.


He found that in his community of over 18,000
investors, there were a group of them using
certain strategies that helped them have the
best, most profitable years they have ever
had… and in this market, no less.

What’s really cool about all of this is that he
gave me a special link to give to all my subscribers.
What’s so special about a link? It takes 500 bucks
off the cost to attend, making it almost fre.e to get
this high level education… the same education that
would normally cost thousands.
Here’s the catch….. The special pricing is only
for the first 100 who register; so, you can’t wait
on this one… you need to check it out now and
get registered!


To Your Continued Success,

Justin Lee

PS- Please be there to do me a favor and remind
Colin about the Buckeyes losing to USC that weekend!

PPS- Are you on twitter yet? You won’t get it until
you try it, but once you do, you’ll LOVE IT!
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