Have you ever been to Vancouver, BC? It’s the home of the
2010 Winter Olympics. Although I was born in California,
my parents moved when I was 18 months old, and Vancouver is
where I grew up.

I lived in the USA from 1990-2005, but I moved back to
Vancouver with my wife Dreama in 2005. We run a successful
real estate investing company investing exclusively in
Washington state.

One of the reasons that we can run our company from
another country is due to the power of the Internet.

In fact, we have learned from many great marketers on the
Internet. The person whom we consider to be our mentor
is Matt Bacak.

Now why I am telling you all of this personal information,
that has NOTHING to do with real estate?

Hang on with me for a second here…

May 8-10 Matt Bacak is going to be speaking at an event
called the Speed Money Seminar.


It’s all about making money online, not real estate.
Although you can absolutely use these techniques to make
money in real estate, online.

Anyway, the event is going to be here, in Vancouver, BC.

Now I know that you read my emails because they are about
making money in real estate. And if you have no interest
in making money on the Internet, then you can stop reading
right now.

However, this event is special to me, because my mentor is
speaking, and it’s being held in my hometown.


In fact, the event is so special, that Dreama and I are
going to be hosting a VIP cocktail party at our personal
residence, and you’re invited.


If you decide to make the trip out, one of the nights (to
be determined, as we are going to try and coordinate this
with the entire faculty of the event), you’re invited to
our house. We’re going to have cocktails on our roof deck
and talk about real estate, preforeclosures, making money
online, you name it.

I have some other friends in the real estate industry who
are trying to make this fit into their schedules as well.
If they do, it will be a fantastic learning environment
during the day, and a great networking event in the
evening. One that you will definitely NOT want to miss.

Hopefully you can make it fit your schedule. You’ll
learn a lot, and I would love to meet you and discuss
ideas about your business, mine, and making money online.

To register for the event, just go here:


By the way, if you’r serious about coming, drop me an
email and let me know if advance, so that I can plan
accordingly. This is going to be a great event, in a
great city, and I hope you can join us.


See you soon,

Justin & Dreama

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