I have found myself in a “Good News” “Bad News” situation
earlier this week.

First, the good news: over the weekend of Sept 12-14th I’ll
still be in my villa in Rhodes, Greece on holiday.

However, now for the bad news:

My good friend (and I say that in all sincerity) Colin
Andrews Egbert of RealEstateInvestor.com is having his 1st
ever REI Connect event, and it’s Sept 12-14th.


Sadly, I won’t be able to make it. I am really bummed,
because Colin had actually asked me to do a workshop and
do some teaching and education during the event.

Alas, I’ll be hanging out by poolside in the Mediterranean
(yes, I can hear you weeping for me as you read this).

But just because I won’t be there, doesn’t mean that you
shouldn’t be.

In fact, even though I’m NOT going to be in attendance,
Colin really wants the REI Marketing Tips community to be
there. So much so that he’s given me 25 VIP tickets for
any of my subscribers to use.

The regular price for this event is $679. However with
my VIP tickets you get $500 off, and get to attend for
only $179.

To get the discount, make sure that you use the code:


Colin has promised me that this is going to be a content
packed event, and not just another “pitch-a-thon”. I know
this for a fact, because I was on the docket to teach at
the event. Sadly, I’ll miss it, but you shouldn’t!


I can tell you that live events are THE #1 way to grow your
business, learn new techniques, and meet other investors
from around the country. Live events have really helped me
grow my business by leaps and bounds.

As an entrepreneur, many times I find it tough to talk to
others about my business, my challenges, or how I can
improve my business.

Think about it for a second: how many of your friends can
you talk to about your real estate investing business?
Well, what about if you got to spend an entire weekend with
like-minded people? People who are facing the same
challenges and struggles that you are?

Networking with these people, and finding out what IS and
ISN’T working might just be one of the best ways that you
can grow your business.

Just one idea that you pick up at a conference could help
you buy 1 more house this year. That’s 1 more deal. How
much is your average profit per deal? Imagine adding that
onto your bottom line in a single weekend.

Colin has told me that the hotel is first rate, but that
the room isn’t huge. In fact, he expects to sell out, so
I would hurry up and book right now:


I’m sad I won’t be joining you, but don’t worry, Colin has
personally guaranteed me that all of the REI Marketing Tips
community will be made to feel welcome, and will get a ton
out of the weekend…or they get their money back!

So go ahead and claim you spot right now, before my 25 VIP
tickets are all taken:


To Your Continued Success,

Justin Lee

PS- Colin has scheduled this event the same weekend as his
beloved Buckeyes play at USC. As a Penn Stater, my 2
favorite teams are:

1. Penn State
2. Whoever is playing the Buckeyes

Do me a favor and on Saturday night of the event, remind
Colin that I predicted a USC landslide victory!

PPS- Remember, to get the discount,
make sure that you use the code:


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