However please don’t call me a liar! I know that I posted a few weeks ago about how I was going to be way more active on this blog, and I know that I haven’t been.

However, since leaving Vancouver, things have been super hectic, to say the least.

Dreama and I with Matt Bacak
The first stop Atlanta for an Internet Marketing Seminar, hosted by Matt Bacak.
As usual, we learned a ton, and got to do some really great networking.
We met some really great people throughout our trip. The first of whom was Richard Stocks.
He is our local representative for Gwinett County in Georgia.
Dreama & I with Richard Stocks, Gwinett County Local Rep
We had a great time catching up, and hearing how we could better help him and his business partner do more deals in the northern Atlanta suburbs.

Throughout the weekend we met some more really great people , including Marc Fordam, who owns SMART, a Georgia REIA group.
I also got to meet Alex Nghiem for the first time, and we had many great conversations about both real estate and the Internet, and their convergence (more on that subject later).

I was also really happy to reconnect with two great people who I had not seen in months: the first was Mr. Sam Bell. Sam is Colin’s partner at on their Web 2.0 service. Sam Bell and IWe sat next to each other during the entire seminar, shared a lot of secrets, and really got know one another better, and had a great time.

Mark Jackson, NOT in his PJ\'sThe other person who I got to catch up with was Mark Jackson from Investor Comps Online. Mark and his wife, Sam and his girlfriend, and Dreama and I all went out for dinner on the Sunday night after the seminar ended. We had a great meal in Atlanta, and Alex joined us as well. It was so great to catch up with everyone and talk about not just business (real estate and the Internet) but all aspects of our lives as entrepreneurs.

Many times I don’t get to speak to other entrepreneurs at home, which I why I love going to seminars and events so much: I get to connect with like-minded people and share ideas, techniques, strategies and business plans.

On the Monday was the best part of the entire Seminar. Matt has a “Get’R’Done” workshop, where everyone brings in their laptops, and we spend all day implementing the strategies that we learned the past weekend. He taught us some great traffic strategies, as well as some other techniques that we have just implemented into our business model.

Then Tuesday it was off to the airport to fly out England. The flight with Stella was fairly smooth, and everything in England was going great until Thursday.

that’s when “IT” happened:
I was catching up on email, and my laptop went “bzzz”.
The screen went dead.

I tried to restart it, but no luck.
Couldn’t get power to it.
After time on hold with Sony in the USA, Sony in Europe, I finally found someone in Hammersmith, London, who seemed confident that he could fix my problem. I had to rent a car to drive 25 miles to him (I’m staying in Marlow, England right now)

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- Please don’t complain about the price of gas. It’s approximately $9/Gallon here.

He tells me that my graphics card was fried- apparently a common occurrence with Sony Vaio laptops. He needed to order the part from the Far East, and that I won’t have my laptop back until Thursday. Naturally, this has been quite frustrating, making my effort to work while here next to impossible.

Apart from that, however, the trip so far has been great. Stay tuned, as I actually do plan to keep more frequent updates on the blog.

If you are looking for the most frequent updates from me, however, then head on over to twitter and check out my profile, and “follow” me. It’s a very cool (and addictive) application where I can “micro blog” and it’s a lot less effort than typical blogging. Create a profile, follow me, and we can “talk” on twitter!

That’s all for now, but I’ll be posting again soon!
This time, I promise!

:) -

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