I’m sure that you’ve noticed, but recently we’ve had a large
increase in the number of leads in our Motivated Seller
Leads Club.

This, in addition to rising lead acquisition costs, have
put us in the position of being forced to increase our

However, because you’re a loyal subscriber, we want to
offer you the chance to lock in at today’s low, low
price of only $14.97/month. You can do so by going to:


You see, very soon (I don’t have an exact date yet, but
sometime around New Year’s Eve) we’ll be increasing the
price to $29.95.

We will be honoring the pricing of all legacy VIP club
members, provided that they are in good standing and in
VIP status the day that the price increase goes into effect.

So today is the perfect day to sign up for VIP services,
and lock in a price that will never be seen again:


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