So our time on the road is drawing near to end.
We’ll be going home after Thanksgiving.

Our time on the road has taught us a TON about not only ourselves, but about our business, and our lives.

I am absolutely incredibly excited for what promises to be an exciting 2009. Both personally (new addition to our family with baby #2 on the way in May) and professionally (it will be a RECORD BREAKING year in both of our businesses).

While spending the last week in PA, I had a chance to meet with some local investors to learn more about the foreclosure climate in their local markets. Here’s a picture of Ron Faux (a local Pittsburgh, PA area investor) with Dreama, Stella and I, discussing what’s going on with real estate in Western PA.

Meeting with Pittsburgh investors

I also had a chance to have meet Hal Irwin, an attorney from Harrisburg, PA and got a much better understanding of what’s going on with real estate (and foreclosures) in Central PA.

What I learned didn’t surprise me, but I did find it very interesting. I found that although people have great work ethics, and the best of intentions, many are missing a coach, or a mentor, to help them take their business to the next level.

That’s why Dreama and I have decided to roll out a very small, exclusive, coaching/mentoring program. It will be by application only, and we’ll be very selective, working with literally only a handful of smart, hungry, investors.

We’re still working out all of the details, but you’ll want to keep checking our emails and this blog for more information.

We’re also completely revamping the service offering. It’s going to be bigger, better, and provide way more value and services than ever before. Again, this is something that we’re working on, and hope to have completed by the end of the year.

Finally, as a quick reminder, you should be taking advantage of social networking opportunities on the internet.
My favorite site right now is Twitter.

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I trust that everyone has a great Thanksgiving.
Remember, NOW is the time that you want to:

1. Finish out 2008 STRONG.
2. Start preparing to make 2009 the GREATEST year of your life!

You need to focus on those two things for the next 41 days, because that’s all that’s left in 2008.
Go get ‘em!

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