Are you getting bombarded with “Probates by Pre$ton” emails
today? I know I am, so I’m sure you must be as well.

I did want to point out something important in Preston’s
letter that you’ll be able to read at 12pm EST today.

Preston’s going to tell you that probates have less
competition, and aren’t as much work as preforeclosures and
doing short sales.

I’d like to clear the air here for a second.

You see, Preston, based on conversations I’ve had with him,
thinks that short sales are a waste of YOUR time.

That’s right.

Not a waste OF time, but rather a waste of YOUR time.

In other words, he firmly believes, just like I do, that
if you come across a short sale, you should outsource it
(just like we teach all of our students).

I wanted to let you know about this for a couple of

1. You’re probably wondering why in the world would I
send out an email on behalf of someone who tells you not
to work on foreclosures. But if you read carefully what
Preston teaches, he’s telling you not do these short sales
YOURSELF (just like we do).

2. If you take Preston up on his very generous offer today,
hold onto the receipt. Here’s why:

In a few weeks, Dreama and I are giving 300 smart, action-
taking investors the chance to use the EXACT same
outsourced short sale service that we use in our own
investing business. These guys are the real deal. In
fact, check out the email their CEO just sent to me:

From: Ed ****** [mailto:ed@******]
Sent: Saturday, August 09, 2008 1:18 PM

To: Justin Lee
Subject: Re: FW: Make Short Sales Easier!

I’m on a tear baby!

We just closed another deal for Knutsen Properties yesterday – a $350K discount for them.

Geri closes on her first one this coming week. Another $80K discount – she should rack up $25K in gross profit easily.

Brian from Chicago just sent over his first deal (he’s the appraiser) and it looks like we can definitely get this one done.


In other words, they get results, and get deals done.
Can you imagine getting a $350,000 discount on a deal,
and someone else doing ALL of the work? IT’S INCREDIBLE!

(BTW, all of the 3 investors named above are local reps, but that’s not the
point of this blog post…)

So how does picking up a copy of Preston’s course, help
you get more short sale deals done? Well, here’s
what we can offer you as a bonus:

Just pick up a copy of Preston’s course through the link
below, and we’ll apply 100% of the purchase price to our
new service, “The Short Sale Formula”.

When The Short Sale Formula is released in the next few
weeks, you’ll instantly get a discount equal to the money
you spend today on Preston’s Probate course.

Just email me your receipt, and I’ll email you back the
coupon code.

So much is “The Short Sale Formula”? Put it this way:
If you get Preston’s course, and email me the receipt,
you’ll get more than a 50% discount…and you’ll never
have to do your own short sales again.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that “The Short Sale Formula”
also comes with a module on using “back-to-back” closings
to get your deals closed and funded using our title
company and funding company?

So just to recap:

1. Don’t let Preston fool you. He doesn’t hate short
sales, he hates DOING them.
2. You should be outsourcing them, just like I do
(and all of the other local
representatives do).
3. Go NOW and pick up a copy of Preston’s probate
course. I’ve seen it, read it, and it’s a great.
4. Email me your receipt, and I’ll gladly apply 100%
of your purchase price towards your purchase of
“The Short Sale Formula” due to be released in a few weeks.

Below is the email that you were supposed to get from me,
containing the links to purchase. You must use THOSE
links in order to qualify for the bonus.

To Your Continued Success,

Justin Lee

PS- Don’t think that probate properties ever go into
foreclosure? Guess again. And, you’ll need a good
short sale service for those deals. Go grab a copy of
Preston’s course, and then claim your bonus in a few


Probates By Pre$ton launches at
12pm EST today! Go to
and refresh the screen at 9am PST/12pm EST!
It will sell out AGAIN!

I pray to the Lord you do NOT make
me say “I told you so” once again if you miss
this today.

I know you’re busy, you’re at work, blah-blah-


Stop what you’re doing, focus in for a quick
second and allow me to give you a helping hand
OUT of the rat race you’re stuck in.

It’s time to BREAK the vicious circle you keep
going around and around in. Enough is enough.
TODAY is the day you put a stake in the ground
and proclaim your free’dom once and for all!!!

At exactly 12pm EST today, Preston is releasing
another 987 copies of his brand new, super hot,
SEVERELY discounted home study course,
Probates By Pre$ton.

Why should you care?

3 reasons…

1. This course outlines (in detail) exactly how
Pre$ton went from being broke, in debt, and
miserable, to being rich, fr’ee, and happy
by tapping into an underground niche in real
estate – flipping inherited houses!
I’ve never seen someone with the ability to
transfer his success to others like he does.

2. When he originally released this in May, all
475 copies sold out in 5 hours. That should
be a clue. Go to
for proof.

3. The first 100 customers get free email access
to Preston so when you run into snags, walls,
etc… you are not left alone in the dark. He
will personally be there to ensure your success.

Imagine getting a check made out to you for $15,000
next month. What would you do with it? Would that
help your situation out at all?

Brian O’Curran had that very thing happen to him
right after picking up Probates By Pre$ton in May.
You can hear it straight from his mouth at if you like. He’s
one of many actually.

Here’s what you need to do. Go to the following
link RIGHT NOW and see the countdown timer for
yourself… <--- Go Here Right Now!

At 12pm EST, refresh your screen and the sales
letter for the course will appear on your screen. If
for any reason it DOESN'T... either clear your cache
or use a different browser.

Once that sales letter appears, feel fr'ee to read
through all the details, success stories, guaranties,
copies of checks people have brought in, etc..


Skip straight to the bottom and order the dang thing!

I won't bore you with any more details.

Best of luck, and make sure to write in and let me
know how you liked it.

To Your Success,


p.s. Again, Probates By Pre$ton launches at
12pm EST today! Go to
and refresh the screen at 12! DO NOT MISS THIS!
It will sell out AGAIN!]

p.p.s. The reason he’s only releasing a limited number
of courses is he and his students still currently
profit from all the little known secrets he reveals
in this course. He doesn’t want to saturate the
market for himself. It’s still a pretty untapped
niche that even the GURU’s don’t fully understand. <— Go Here And Get Your Butt In On Time!


**discount from bonus cannot be combined with any
other offer, nor result in cash back credit**

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