I know that I’ve been promising you all week that I’d have a new video sharing the biggest “Takeaways” from my marketing seminar this past weekend.

Well not only did I attend a marketing seminar, by my business colleague Miguel attending Ron Ballard’s short sale investing seminar this past weekend as well. For those of you who don’t know Ron, he’s California’s #1 short sale attorney.

We decided to divide and conquer, so I did the 3 day marketing seminar in San Diego, and Miguel drove up to Ron’s all day event this past Saturday in Newport Beach.

We recorded a very brief video where we each share our 2 biggest “Takeaways” from the weekend, and correlate them directly to real estate investing:

Also, I have sent you a couple of emails about posting properties to Sellpoint, the easiest way to distribute your property listings to boatloads of sites across the internet, all with a push of a button. You simply MUST sign up a for a free account here. Also, tell 3 friends and well….you’ll just have to visit the page to find out what cool FREE goodies you get.

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