As you may or may not know, I launched my real estate investing career in Washington, DC. That’s where was originally launched.

While I worked as an investor in DC, I met and networked with many other great investors.

Two of those people include Thomas Zeeb and Will Lansing.

In fact, Tom once wholesaled me a house that I fixed up, cashflowed $200/month on, and then sold it for over $40,000 pr.ofit on the back end.

In other words, Tom and Will know what they’re talking about.

They are hosting a 2 day event in Alexandria, VA, which is very easy to get to if you’re in VA, MD, DC, PA, DE, NJ, NC, WV (basically anywhere in the mid-Atlantic).

If you need help with strategies that work in soft markets, these are two guys who are actually out there doing deals, and this is an event that you won’t want to miss.

I encourage you to check this event out by visiting:

Soft Market Solutions Bootcamp

It’s the weekend of Jan 26-27, and I can assure you that if you need strategies that work in a soft market, this is an event that you won’t want to miss.

I can personally vouch for Will and Tom, their knowledge, the deals they’ve done, the money they’ve made, and the students that they’ve mentored.

This is an event not to miss:

Soft Market Solutions Bootcamp

If you’re serious about your investing business, and make make this work, don’t miss this event. Learn from people in the trenches actually doing deals, in soft markets:

Soft Market Solutions Bootcamp

To your success,

Justin Lee

How to Get Jump-Started in a Soft Market …In Less Than 30 Days!

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January 26th and 27th for the
“Best Strategies in a Soft Market” Bootcamp

- Are you nervous about the current market and how investors are operating with the credit crunch?
- Are you unsure how to structure deals and how to make money with so much inventory available?
- Are you worried about how to find good deals amidst the countless foreclosures with no equity?
- Are you eager to build an investing business, but scared because of where the market is and where it may be heading?

Join the Profitable Partnerships team for two days of strategies, systems, and tools to help you build, grow, and operate your real estate investing business in a down market environment. The Profitable Partnerships Coaching Team will walk you step-by-step through how to build your investing business with lessons, exercises, and real life examples of how they and their students are finding success in today’s marketplace.

You will get 14 Hours of Non-stop, PERSONAL instruction on how to build your business from scratch!

Soft Market Solutions Bootcamp

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