I hope you have plans for a nice relaxing weekend coming up.
I know that I do, because I’ve been working like a dog

But it’s all going to be worth it.

You see, I’m currently working on a big project right now.
It will be complete on May 22nd, and you’ll have a chance
to tap into it then.

Until then, keep your eyes open for emails from me, because
I’ll be providing lots of preview opportunities for you.

This will include a lot of extra education and training for

At no charge.

But you’ll need to participate to make it work, and put
into place in your real estate business.

Now, 3 other quick reminders:

1. Have you checked our latest book? If not, go here:


2. Want to come and hang out with me in Vancouver, and
come to a VIP event at my house? If so, go here:


3. Find out what you can do to help stop the government
trying to kill our “creative real estate investing”
industry by going here:


That’s all for now.
The first training will be coming the week of April 28th.
You won’t want to miss it.

Talk soon,

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