Fellow real estate entrepreneur, Lance Edwards, is
an active apartment buyer.  Unlike most of us, he
started with multifamily – busting the myth that you
have to graduate from single to multi-family.

What he recently revealed to me is that he is flipping
and buying big complexes with none of his own money.

Say what? That sounds like more TV guru stuff, but
he’s REALLY and quietly doing this — on multi-million
dollar properties with sophisticated sellers.


He owns a 50 unit apartment where he didn’t put
up a dime of his own cash to buy.  And he just bought
and sold a 56 unit without any of his own money or
credit as well.

Like to wholesale deals?  Well, multifamily is single
family on steroids when it comes to wholesaling.

Instead of pulling out his hair and doing 50 single
family deals, he takes his time doing one 50 unit
deal for the same or greater profits.

Makes me wonder if I’ve been working too hard!

And because it is so easy to determine values for
multi-family properties, Lance operates with
little if any risk compared to those of us in the
single family arena.

And because one deal = massive profits, multi-family
deals are ideally suited for those with limited time
to hunt for deals and prospect.  He started part-time
while working a demanding corporate job.  He
needed the biggest “bang for the buck” for each
hour devoted to his business.

I am picking Lance’s brain on multi-family for my
own benefit this Thursday, and I thought you might
want to listen in.

I see the incredible profits that he is making, and
I thought you might want to find out how you can
get involved in multi-family even if you haven’t
done a single deal yet.

Again, there is no need to conquer single family before
you can do  multi-family deals – and Lance’s ideas have
blown my mind wide open to the possibilities that

What Lance is teaching is totally the opposite of what
most people believe, and that is how he is able to
operate his business with few if any competitors, even
in one of America’s largest cities.

You MUST be on this call–it is just flat out going
to be that powerful.

It WILL open your eyes to what is possible and provide
some critical information on how to get started

To find out more and register, simply go to:


This is going to change the way you look at investing
forever, and I urge you to sign up NOW.


Justin Lee

PS  Make sure to listen out for information on this call
about how you can fully fund your retirement, your kids
education, and pay off your debt within 7 years…

Lance will walk you through the actual cash flow
projections about what even minimal involvement in
multi-family deals can do for you.

Just cut and paste the link below into your browser or
click on it:


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