If you’ve been a subscriber of mine or a reader of this blog for at least the past few months you know that we are HUGE advocates for hiring interns to help you build your business (whether it’s a real estate business, or any other kind of business- it doesn’t really matter).

Today the latest video and downloadable PDF from Greg Clement and the rest of the SIMS team reveals their “Digital Marketing Plan”.  But here’s the real kicker…

Greg is going to tell you to hire an intern to execute your Digital Marketing Plan!

This is something that for months now, via webinars, emails and other formats, we’ve been telling you to do.  It seems as though the rest of the real estate world is finally catching on to the importance of using interns in your business.

You may or may not know this, but my wife Dreama and I have a completely separate website and company where we show business owners and entrepreneurs EXACTLY how to find, hire & manage interns.  It’s here at www.InternProfits.com.

We congratulate Greg Clement and the rest of the SIMS team for publicly acknowledging how powerful hiring interns can be for your (real estate investing) business.

In fact, Dreama and I have been personally consulting the SIMS team behind the scenes on not only what they are doing with interns (and sharing some “best practices” with them), but we’ve also been helping them out with their franchise marketing strategy.  This is based on the years of experience that we’ve had running www.SaveMeFromForeclosure.com.  In fact, in the next week or so, I can guarantee that you’ll be hearing a lot about www.SaveMeFromForeclosure.com so stay tuned.

Here’s what you should do next to maximize all of the great free information that Greg and the rest of the SIMS team are currently giving away for FREE:

1.  Visit http://simsprofits.com/?1005624 and claim your “Digital Marketing Plan”.
2.  Watch the video from Greg on the thank you page.
3.  This will also register you for a special webinar that they are hosting on Monday night.  Add the webinar start time to your calendar/daytimer
4.  Be on the lookout for a very special email from me over the next few days showing you all sorts of cool free resources that we’ll be giving you to help you find interns faster than ever before.

That’s all for now- and if you’re still not sure about how powerful interns can be for your real estate investing business, check out the video below, filmed by one of my interns.  I know that you’ll be excited about the possibilities!

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