It’s Christmas time, so I wanted to be able to give all of our readers and subscribers a gift. Something that is of value, that hopefully you can use, and that is, well, a gift!

I started thinking about what I could give away, that would be educational, and that everyone could benefit from. I thought back to what I had accomplished in my business recently, that I could share with everyone. For those of you who regularly read my blog, you know that just a few weeks ago, I sold a house in 5 days, in a snowstorm.

Now, I learned about this method from reading the following book:

Now, asking you to buy a book isn’t much of a gift, is it?

But, what I do have for you, is a 1 hour call packed full of content:

My friend Colin Andrews Egbert, of, grilled me for an hour about exactly how I ran this auction. He asked me what I did, and more importantly, what I would do differently the next time, to ensure even greater success. This is an opportunity for you to hear about how I ran this auction, just by reading this book.

More importantly, you can learn from the mistakes that I made, so that if you want to you run your own auction in the near future, you too can do it, without making the same mistakes that I made. I’ve even set it up so that you can download the MP3 of the interview, so you can burn it to a CD or your ipod, and listen while you’re driving or at the gym.

So without further ado, here is the audio. Enjoy:

MP3 File

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