Well if you read my last post, you know that we are expecting a baby, and he/she (we don’t know the sex) is now NINE days past due. Naturally, we are very anxious, but we wondered how all of our real estate contacts could have some fun with the waiting game, and also help their investing business.

So we are pleased to announce that we are having a baby pool!
That’s right, all we ask is that you post a comment to this blog. Please include your name, your county (and state), and then most importantly:

1) The sex you think the baby will be
2) The weight (pounds and ounces) that you think the baby will be

We’ll give away a prize to the entrant who selects the correct sex AND guesses the closest weight (you can go over or under, this isn’t “The Price Is Right”) .

What’s the prize?

Well, we’ll let you try out our EXCLUSIVE www.SaveMeFromForeclosure.com affiliate program for FREE for 4 months. In other words, you’ll get:

  • $500 set up fee WAIVED
  • 4 months of NO monthly billing
  • Access to our library of marketing materials: postcards, letters, print ads, free reports, etc (this is a huge value, as we just spent thousands of dollars with a professional copywriter revamping our direct mail pieces)
  • EXCLUSIVE access to all of the web leads for your county
  • Access to our loss mitigation partnerships: give your prospects the ability to save their homes, and earn money while doing so, without doing ANY of the work (collect NO fees or paperwork, just submit a form on a website and move onto your next deal)
  • Follow a proven method that has allowed Dreama and I to work in foreclosure investing full time since 2004, and has helped us do FOUR six figure deals alone in the past 2 two years (yes you read that correctly, in the past 2 years we have done FOUR transactions that netter over $100,000 in profits EACH)

If you know that your foreclosure business is ready to go to the next level, but you want a formula to follow, then look no further! And the best news for you is that we’re celebrating the (impending) arrival of our first baby with a pool that you can win and benefit from.

Get started now, just post a reply. Make sure you include your name, county (and state), the sex of the baby, and its weight (in pounds and ounces).

GOOD LUCK! The lucky winner will be notified after we return from the hospital, but feel free to check the site for updates and pictures!

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