This past Tuesday night I held my Foreclosure Master’s Coaching Club monthly call.  For only $7.95 to get started (and then a measly $49.95 per month thereafter) there’s no question that it’s the best value for those looking for help with their real estate investing business.  On Tuesday’s call I reviewed my day, which consisted of:

1. A BPO for another short sale deal that we’re working on, where I met the appraiser (who was actually a W2 salaried employee of Bank of America) who told me that my offer price of $460,000 “sounds about right for this property” (SMILE!).  During Tuesday night’s call I also reviewed some basic but important things that you have to do ANYTIME you go on a BPO appointment.

2. The fact that we closed on a half million dollar condo in La Jolla, CA, and to close the deal I came out of pocket $30. This is a renovation/flip deal in which I have a partner on the deal.

3. LIVE Q&A and answering of questions by people (note that if you want to join my Foreclosure Masters Coaching Club, you get to chat with me live, 1-on-1 about your real estate investing business. This is the last time I’ll mention it’s only $49.95 per month. You can get a trial membership for only $7.95 here:

I decided to post the audio replay to the this month’s coaching call, because it was full of great information, and I want you to see how you can personally get on the phone with me once a month and get your real estate investing questions answered.  You can listen to this month’s training call here.

On the coaching call this past Tuesday night I outlined (VERY QUICKLY) how we structured the La Jolla deal, and then answered a few questions. However it dawned on me that a LOT of people in our community (even the ones who aren’t in my Foreclosure Masters Coaching club) might want to learn more about how this deal was structured, and how I can close on a $500,000 property with only $30 out of pocket (and NOT flip it right away, but hold it so we can do the renovations and make a $125,000-140,000 profit on the backend).

Oh yeah, and I’m not doing ANY of the work related to the rehab (my partner is doing it ALL).

So what I’m going to do is host a special teleseminar (audio only) next week to break down this deal.

Here’s what we’re going to cover on this special “Case Study” teleseminar:

– You’ll get to meet the person who FLIPPED the deal to me.  (I was actually the “CASH” or “C” buyer on this deal).
– He’s going to break down how he found it, how he negotiated it, and how he flipped it to me.
– He’ll share with you why I was the PERFECT buyer for this deal.
– I’ll share with you how I got the cash for this deal (hint: private money).
– I’ll tell you how I structured the deal so I only had to put $30 into it.
– I’ll let you know how I structured the partnership with the person who is going to do 100% of the rehab work on the property.
– I’ll share with you some killer resources and ideas for how you can raise private money (for your own deals).
– I’ll talk about how having access to private money TOTALLY changes the way you can approach real estate investing, making offers, and closing on deals that you never could have in the past.

All of the call-in details can be found here:

Make sure to add this to your calendar. You can put questions in the chat box on the teleseminar page, and we’ll also take LIVE Q&A questions about how we structured this deal on the call as well. Go here now to get all of the details on this free, live, “case study” training call:

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