Chase Bank will host multiday foreclosure prevention counseling events in eight markets across the country.  The events will occur over the next five months and the first one will be held in Chicago from May 13-17. Events for Atlanta and Washington, D.C., will follow in June. Dates for the remaining markets — New York, Northern California, Orlando, Phoenix, and Southern California — have not yet been announced.

Now as a real estate investor, how can this benefit you?

Well, do you think that a lot of your prospects (homeowners facing foreclosure) might be at these events?  Did you know that Chase opened 51 Chase Homeownership Centers nationwide to help homeowners facing foreclosure?

Check the list.  Their might even be one in your town.  There’s 2 of them here in San Diego.

My team and I are sitting down today to strategize about how we might be able to work with these centers.

I wouldn’t recommend just running in the door and screaming “We Buy Houses!”.

However, if you think about this strategically, there might be a way to let the people who work at these Chase centers know that you’re interested in buying short sales.

I’d love for you to post a comment and let me know how you might approach these centers and create a win-win-win for everyone involved (Chase, the homeowner, and you).

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