If you’re like me, you’ve been getting a TON of emails
in the past couple of days about Kenny Rushing’s new
product that is going to be released at 9am PST/12pm EST
on Tuesday, July 15th.

Some people will just ask you to buy it, while others,
like me, will offer you shameless bribe to buy through
their link.

I do sincerely want you to buy Kenny’s product.
And the reason isn’t so I earn a commission.

It’s because I know that if you buy it, and LEARN from it,
(not just put in on your shelf) then you will make money
from implementing what’s inside.

And if you make more money, then there’s a pretty good
chance that you’ll want to invest more money in other
educational products, and other preforeclosure products

I can tell you how these product launches usually go:

Group I is the majority. They DO NOT BUY. They don’t buy
anything because they think all info products stink. To
those people, I would say “Look at the return policy before
you make that decision”

Group II is not the majority, but they don’t buy either.
That’s okay, because maybe they don’t have the money,
or maybe they’re smart, and they’re thinking:

“I’ve already invested in someone else’s system, and I need
to master that before buy something else”. I love those
people because they are SMART. They aren’t chasing the
latest and greatest thing.

Group III is going to buy no matter what. They are caught
up in the hype, and feel like this is FINALLY the magical
silver bullet that is going to propel them to financial
freedom. They get the course, read a few chapters, and
then do nothing with it. PLEASE DON’T BE IN THIS GROUP.
(but if you insist on being in it, you may as well check
out my crazy bonus below)

Group IV is the minority. They’ll buy the course, set
aside time to go through learn all they can, and they will
implement a bunch of ideas from the course, that might earn
them an extra 10, 20 or 50 thousand dollars this year from
1 or 2 really great ideas that they have never heard of

So which group are you going to be in?
Hopefully Group IV.
If not, then hopefully Group II

And if you insist on being in Group III, then you’re going
to love my bonus.
So, without further ado, here are my shameless bribes:

Buy through MY link (http://reimarketingtips.com/kenny),
and send me email confirmation, and I’ll give you:

1. A 30 minute strategy session for your business
2. The chance to partner with me on your next deal
3. Here’s the biggie:

As many of you know during the SaveMeFromForeclosure.biz
launch we had some killer trainings. One on how to put
together a short sale packet, and another on how to do
“Back-To-Back” closings for short sales.

As you know, I have taken these recordings down.
I’ve had them professionally tanscribed, had the forms
updated AGAIN, and will be selling them as part of new
product, “The Short Sale Formula”.

Buy Kenny’s program through my affiliate link, and I’ll
get you copies of the trainings, the transcripts, the
forms, and everything else, in advance of everyone else.

Before you dismiss the third bonus, I spoke to a gentleman
today by the name of Marcus Celestin from Ewing, NJ.

He used a “Back-To-Back” closing last week and made $37,000
in pro.fit.

Marcus, if you’re reading this, now you know I really need
that testimonial soon!


So to recap, here are the 3 bonuses:

1. 30 minute strategy session with me
2. Chance to partner with me on your next deal (50/50 split
and I decide if we pass or play)
3. Audios, transcripts and forms from the ‘complete a short
sale’ and the ‘”Back-To-Back” closings’ trainings.

Here is my link one more time:

To Your FOCUSED Success,

Justin Lee

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