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Do you call yourself a real estate investor?  If not, do you
want to be called one?

How do you go about acquiring properties to build your
investing business?

No matter what you’re doing to market for new deals, why
don’t you enter a contest where all you have to do to get
a new, FR.EE a& CLEAR home is to give up your name & email

You can actually win one of the THREE houses Kenny Rushing is
giving away.

If you call yourself a real estate investor, then you need
to enter this contest…so you can try and add another
property to your portfolio.

These are nice houses in good areas, and he’s even paying the
taxes and insurance for one full year. The house you will win
is free and clear with no mortgage or debt.  Sell it, rent it,
give it way to charity – it’s yours to do whatever you please.

Find out why he’s doing this and register for your chance to
win at the website below:

Do it now because this contest ends soon.

There’s no obligation, no strings attached – just your chance
to win a house!

The odds are good, and when you enter to win you’ll learn how
to stack the deck in your favor. Plus, you’ll get instant
access to his special report and training videos revealing
exactly how he gets houses to giveaway for nothing… by
ethically “stealing” properties from banks in bulk.

Enter to win NOW, before time runs out:

Happy Investing,


PS- Got my hands on some leaked inside footage of Kenny
Rushing’s business…inside his office.  I’m trying to upload
it to a video sharing site, so you can check it out.  When
I get it uploaded, I’ll post it to my blog.  Stay tuned…


1685 H. St., #679

Blaine, WA 98230

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