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…and it’s collecting dust?

I bet you do.

Heck even I do.

Dreama hates it…

"You have this unopened ‘stuff’ that you’ve never looked it.
What are you going to do with it?  When are you going to
go through it and implement?"

And I’m sure you’re the same way as I am…

When you bought that course, it sounded awesome…it was
probably going to make you a ton of money…or save you a
ton of time…or show you a system to do something faster,
easier, better, or cheaper…right?

The home study course that, when you bought it, you
were excited about it.

Remember that time?  When you ran to the back of the room,
or you hit "click here to buy" because you knew that this
one home study course was going to change your life?

And you had the BEST intentions in the world of diving
right in.

But then…you got delayed…"life" started happening again.

And maybe you never opened it…

Or never got past the first chapter, or first audio, or video…

What happened?

Has your life changed?

Are you rich beyond your wildest dreams?  Driving a Ferrari
and living in a mansion like those pictures you’ve seen before?

Or is life pretty much the same?

Or maybe it’s even worse?

Was it the courses fault?

Did the course not work?


Did you not go through the course and implement?

Look in the mirror, be honest, and answer that question.

Okay, so now that’s out of the way, how would you like to
get benefit from ALL of those home study courses you have
WITHOUT actually having to go through them.

What about if you had a smart, motivated, educated college
student to literally go through all of those courses FOR YOU.

And report back to you…with EXACTLY what to do to make
them work.

And you could get that smart, motivated, educated college
student to start implementing what was in the home study

And you made that their "internship".

And what if you had your intern document EVERYTHING that they
did, as their internship.

And created a manual, or a process, so that the next intern
could step in right away and take over.

Would that make a difference in your business?

Woudl you start to make more money?

So imagine, you create an internship for a smart, motivated,
educated college student to implement one of those home
study courses…

And they did it for you, for free.

And you made money…(BIG money, like they told you back
when you bought their course)

And you saved money…(LOTS of money, like they told you back
when you bought their course)

And you saved time…(LOTS of time, like they told you back
when you bought their course)

Look, if you’ve read this far, you realize that I’m onto
something here.  And what I want you to do now is to join
Dreama and I LIVE, on a webinar, where we’ll show you
EXACTLY how to do this:

It’s this Thursday night, March 31st at:

5pm PST
6pm CST
7pm CST
8pm EST

You can register for this free training here:

Not only will we be having a LIVE Q&A session at the end
of the webinar, but we’ll also be covering important
topics such as:

– How you can get an ARMY of unpaid interns working for you,
no matter where you live, what kind of business you own, or
how new (or established) your company is

– Why tons of hardworking, motivated, highly educated people
are DESPERATE to take an unpaid position with your company
(we’ll show you how to leverage this into landing your 1st
interns in no time flat)
– The 3 major "problems" with offshore virtual assistants
(and how using interns instead can help you avoid these "problems")

– The 10 steps easy steps to finding & hiring your very own
"Free Labor Force" (we’ll go into greater detail about this)
– The top 10 tasks that your "Free Labor Force" should be working on
(that creates more leads, more sales, more revenue & more profits
for YOUR business!)

– LIVE Q&A with Dreama & Justin (so you can get YOUR questions
answered, live, on the call)
– What is the FASTEST way to get interns working for you ASAP
(so you can really get some LEVERAGE in your business)

– A demonstration of some of the other key features inside the
membership site
– Plus MUCH, much more…

To register for this free, LIVE webinar, just go here:

Hopefull you’ll join us and discover how to unlease the power of interns
in your real estate investing business.

Talk soon,


PS- Don’t believe me about getting interns to grow you Real Estate
Investing business?  Check out this video here:


1685 H. St., #679

Blaine, WA 98230

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