Foreclosure List Providers In Arizona

If you’re planning on foreclosure investing in Arizona it’s important to have a good list of prospects.

Foreclosures are filed in Arizona just like they are in every other state, which is at the County level. Obtaining a foreclosure list, so you know who you can market to, is a key foundation to marketing to preforeclosures and foreclosure investing.

To get a list of homeowners facing foreclosure in your county, look below at our list of data providers who generate Arizona foreclosure lists.

An aggressive direct mail and door knocking campaign in the counties that you want to focus on buying property in is a key to your business. Get started right now by looking below for a provider of foreclosure lists in Arizona



Investor Foreclosure Lists - 7 Days for FREE!


Default Research

Redloc (Maricopa Only)

Public Notice Ads

Real Estate Fortune

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