I am doing a special webinar for the REIMarketingTips
community that is going to “shed the light” on how I am
REALLY cashing in on the foreclosure epidemic that is
sweeping the country.


I’ve been perfecting a system over the past 5 years, and on
Thursday night, at 5pm PST/8pm EST I’m going to show you how
can blatantly copy my ENTIRE system:

Use MY website
Use MY national brand
Use MY professionally written postcards and letters
Use MY negotiators
Use MY business model

Whether you’re a newbie trying to do your first deal, or
a seasoned veteran looking for an edge to do another
6-10 deals this year, the webinar this Thursday,
May 12th at 5pm PST/8pm EST is going to change your
entire view of preforeclosures.


In fact, I have been mining TENS of THOUSANDS of
own preforeclosure leads over the past 5 years, and I
have hard facts to back up information about homeowners
facing foreclosure that you would never realize.

The best part is that my system shows you ways to
monetize your preforeclosure leads that go WAY BEYOND
“just” doing short sales.

And, on Thursday night, I’ll show you how you can tap
into this WITHOUT every talking to a single homeowner.

This is brand new, you just have to check this out on
Thursday night, May 14th at:

5pm PST
6pm MST
7pm CST
8pm EST

To register for the webinar that will totally change the
way you look at preforeclosures, just go here:


Come and learn this Thursday, May 14th when the
world of preforeclosures gets turned upside down.

I’ll “see” you on the webinar this Wednesday night at
6pm PST/9pm EST.

PS- There’s no outside guests on this webinar Thursday
night. Just you and I. I can’t wait….

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