If you haven’t already registered for this Wednesday evening’s training call, you need to do so right now. Just visit this webpage.

My friend, Phill — who will partner with you — is by far THE MOST successful real estate investor I have ever met. He’s done over 1,200 deals since December 15, 2003 (on that date he did his very first deal). Over 1,000 of those were short sales!

Phill has mastered and perfected (and invented some of) 12 different investing strategies that allow you to get paid on ANY deal you come across… in ANY situation… in ANY market of the United States!

Half of the 12 strategies he teaches require NO money down to implement.

(Also… It doesn’t matter where you live — big city or small town — Phill’s 12 strategies can be used to turn almost ANY lead you get into a deal.)

Right now, Phill’s doing approximately 20 deals each and every month. In fact, we calculated it and on average he’s completing one deal every 39.5 hours!!

Check out the video of Phill & I in his mansion in Austin. Then go here to register for the webinar: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/463905090

Remember, this very special training takes places this Wednesday night, September 29th at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST, but you have to register for it first (for free) right here:

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