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We’re going to reveal to your EXACTLY how to close your
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– Get instant access to a title company who can help you
close any Short Sale transaction in all 50 states
– Be able to download the EXACT forms that they are using
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– Learn how to never have to bring your own cash to closing
ever again
– Discover a new funding source for your short sales, who
could care less what your LTV is!
– Know how to get deals structured so that you can find
your end buyer, get your Short Sale approved, and close the
transaction on the same day, without having to put any of
your own funds in the deal
– Learn why seasoning won’t be an issue on any of these
types of transactions

Plus much, much more…


This isn’t some complex training about Land Trusts, that
you need to have your attorney look over.

We’ll go over all of the forms you’ll need to sign, and
then we’ll even set you up with our own title company and
funding company, so you’ll be able to close your short sale
deals quickly and easily.

This call is such a hot topic, I know we will max out the
phone lines this Wednesday, May 14th at 5pm PST/8pm EST

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We’ll give you all of the paperwork needed to close your
next Short Sale deal.

We’ll tell you exactly what to record at your local county

We’ll take all of the guesswork out of Short Sale paperwork
and transactions, you’ll laugh at how easy this can really

Register today, and join us this Wednesday, May 14th at
5pm PST/8pm EST for the best, free training that you’ll get
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Happy Investing,

Justin Lee

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