FreedomSoft is the lastest and greatest software to hit the planet and was developed by Preston Ely from Real Freedom Properties. I’ve put together a “NEVER DONE BEFORE” bonus package that you’ll get if you pick up a copy of FreedomSoft through my link.  NOTE THAT YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR THE PLATINUM (VIP) version of FreedomSoft to qualify for my bonus. Watch the video below to get the details:

FreedomSoft launches to the public on Thursday, January 21st at 12:07pm EST (9:07am PST). When you purchase the Platinum (VIP) version of FreedomSoft through my special link at you’ll qualify the following amazing, insane, bonus package:

Amazing, Insane Bonus #1:

Private Networking & Mastermind Event at Justin & Dreama’s Ocean Front Beach Home.

When you purchase the Platinum (VIP) version of FreedomSoft by visiting Preston is going to invite you to 3 day FreedomSoft event in March in San Diego, CA. Dreama & I are going to host a special VIP Mastermind event at our private ocean front beach home for people to come and mastermind.  This special 1 day Mastermind event will be held the day BEFORE the FreedomSoft event begins:

  • Learn what’s working right now
  • Learn what’s not working right now
  • Meet other like-minded investors, superstarts, and “A” players
  • Hot tub, swim, surf, cocktail hour and bonfires
  • Exclusive access to pick our brains about how they have built a real estate investing business in 3 different markets
  • Discover how we travel all of the time and enjoy life
  • Plus much, much more

Amazing, Insane Bonus #2:

Waived Set-Up Fee For Your Very Own County

When you purchase the Platinum (VIP) version of FreedomSoft by visiting we will WAIVE your $2,497 set-up fee to get your very own county at To see exactly what is included in your county please visit We have NEVER made this offer before, so this is a fantastic chance for you to grab this.


  • If you buy Freedsoft through my affiliate link, Preston pays me a commission
  • To qualify for the bonuses, you MUST order the Platinum (VIP) version of the software.  If you purchase the GOLD or SILVER level of the software you WILL NOT be eligible for my bonuses
  • Once you activate your county you will NOT have to pay a set-up fee, however, there is a monthly fee associated with each county that you will have to pay.  To see a list of available counties, please visit

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