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The offer to get Jack Bosch’s Land Profit
Generator will be canceled at Midnight PST
on Friday, 11/20.

(And along with it your opportunity to still
be my accountability partner…)

As of this writing, you’ve got only a window
of time to get your copy…

(Unless Jack sells out completely before then!)

He’s already sold 679 of the 750 copies.

That leaves only 71.

Part of the reason people have gone so crazy
over this is Jack’s offer to send you the entire
course for only $197 as your first payment.

People are snapping the course up like crazy!

So if you want it, now’s the time.

That’s right.

Every Land Profit Generator buyer gets to come to
Jack’s seminar next month in Phoenix!

At the seminar he will cover the following topics:

* The Land Profit Generator "Fast Start"
* Success Mindset: Program Your Mind for Success
* Live Q&A Each Day
* How to Be Legally Invisible and Invincible
(as close as you can legally get to that)…
* Business Structure Secrets to Protect Your Assets
* How to Pay the Lowest Tax Allowed By Law
* Setting Up Your Operations Fast & Simple!
* And much, much more!

This seminar ALONE is worth FAR MORE than
what you pay for Land Profit Generator…

And you get a ticket free!

But very soon they will BOTH be OFF THE MARKET!

To Your Success,

Justin Lee

PS- Don’t forget that if sign up you can still be my
accountability partner.  We’re getting close to having
"too many" people in the group, so jump on Jack’s
offer right now and make sure that you forward me
your email receipt
PPS- If you have already sent me your receipt, THANKS!
I’m going to wait until we get all of the orders in before
we set anything up or get any information out.

1685 H. St., #679

Blaine, WA 98230

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