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Pretty bold statement huh?

"Greg Clement & SIMS Ripped Off & Stole Our Idea"

Well that’s EXACTLY what I’d be sitting around saying if I
didn’t have an "abundance" mentality…

But fortunately, I do.

In fact, when I heard that the latest free video & PDF from
Greg Clement was his "Digital Marketing Plan" and video
telling you about how important it is to get interns
to work for your company to grow your business, I was super

You see for almost 3 years now we’ve been using interns to
grow our 4 different businesses.

My wife Dreama and I even started a new website called
InternProfits where we show business owners & entrepreneurs,
just like you, exactly how to find, hire and manage interns
for their business.

With Greg sharing this great information it just further
validates the work and efforts that we’ve been doing over
the past 8 months sharing with business owners & entrepreneurs
exactly why they need to do to start their own internship program
for their business.

So what you should do RIGHT NOW is head over to and grab your freebies.

You’re going to get:

1.  Greg’s "Digital Marketing Plan"
2.  A video about the importance of how to build a business
with "repeatable" profits (and using interns)
3.  Pre-registered for a killer webinar giving you even
more business building strategies

All of this, plus all of the other goodies like his free
Hammerpoint app are all available here:

Then be on the lookout for some very special emails from us
as we tell you EXACTLY what the best ways are to find, hire
and manage interns for your (real estate investing) business.

Have a great weekend,



1685 H. St., #679

Blaine, WA 98230

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