Last month I wrote a blog post about how Chase Home Finance had opened 51 “Home Ownership” centers across the country. These centers were to provide free foreclosure and loan modification counseling for anyone who was behind on a Chase mortgage.

I mentioned this and asked people to find creative ways on how they could use this information to grow their business. I actually went out to one of the Chase Home Ownership centers here in San Diego, but discovered that they don’t refer any business out. Even if the homeowner is denied a loan modification!

But I knew that these were high traffic areas with highly targeted prospects: people behind on their mortgages. I recorded a quick video to show you how we ended up targeting these homeowners:

After you watch the video below, please leave a comment. I installed a new plug-in on my blog, and it automatically gives anyone who lives a comment on my blog high ranking, one-way back link to their site just for a leaving a comment.

Now why would you want to do that, you ask? Well, one of the best ways to get your sites to rank higher in the search engines is to get lots of ONE WAY links coming to your site. That’s because Google sees each link as a “vote” in terms of relevance and popularity for your site.

Normally this is very time consuming, but I found a new WordPress plugin called “Top Commentators”.

The Top Commentators plugin actually lists the top 10 commentators on EVERY PAGE of the bloggers blog WITH a one-way link back to the commentators website! Do you see how big this can be? If you are ranked as one of the top 10 commentators on a blog with 50 pages you’ll instantly get 50 one-way links pointing back to YOUR website! How cool is that? What if the blog had 100,000 webpages?

So here’s how this works…

You need to find blogs that are using the Top Commentator plugin (do a Google search) and you need to leave RELEVANT, USEFUL comments on those blogs.

So where do you start??? Here’s where you can help me, help you…

If you look on the right side bar you’ll see that I have the Top Commentators plugin installed. And because I have only a few comments at this time, YOU can easily become a Top Commentator listed on this blog with a one-way link back to your site! And yes, my blog will be is continually growing, which means more and more links and free traffic back to your website over time.

So there you have it…a free way to get quality traffic. All you need to do is post a USEFUL comment here on the blog. I figured that this post was the perfect start, because there’s a great video on here.

So happy investing, let me know how you enjoyed the video, and leave a comment and start getting MORE traffic back you to YOUR website!

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