Lately I’ve been doing a lot of promoting of other people’s products and services, and for many of you out there, I hope that I haven’t been confusing you. As you know, I deliver a lot more content to my subscribers than I do sales pitches, and lately, well, I’ve been offering a lot of products. So I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify exactly what I’ve been offering, so you’re not confused.


1. I have been promoting a free DVD PreForeclosure training course. You can get it at
This is a great FREE training course that I strongly encourage anyone interested in investing in PreForeclosures and Short Sales to get immediately. All you have to do is pay for shipping and handling.


2. The second item that I have been promoting is an event that I am PERSONALLY committed to attending and investing in: Now this event won’t be for everyone, since I know that it won’t be in everyone’s budget, but Chris Daigle from is hosting the event, and it will be first class all the way. Chirs has only invited major players to speak at this event: people who are doing SEVEN figures a year in their investing business. I can’t wait to learn from some of these folks.


It’s going to be an UNBELIEVABLE, unprecedented event. I personally know some of the people attending, such as my good friend Colin Mitchell from; (side note: please don’t let the fact that Colin matriculated at the Ohio State University deter you- he’s still a good guy). we’re all going because the Internet is a powerful tool to help grow your Investing business by leaps and bounds, and I love LOVE for you to join me in New Orleans in October. Fore more information about this event, please visit


As a special bonus, Chris Daigle is going to be doing a FREE webinar for the REIMarketingTips communicty. It will be on MONDAY, September 17th at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT. For information on the webinar, simply click here.


I trust that you’ll join us on Monday’s webinar, where Chris is going to give out FREE training that is going to help your investing and foreclosure business like you won’t believe.

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