“If You’re Not Embarrased By Your First Offer, It’s Too High”

Words to live by. I can’t remember when or where I first heard this quote, but I love this advice, and often remind myself about it when talking to sellers. Remember that 99% of sellers out there aren’t a good fit for you investing business. Don’t let those people get you down.

I’m experimenting with a new tool that you’ll be hearing about in September. In only 48 hours, I’ve generated a new short sale and (I’m still waiting on details) a block of 17 individual condos all set to go into preforeclosure, that could be 17 new short sales for me to work on.

I’m also going to be interviewing another student who just closed a short sale deal from one of our leads, and I’ll post that success story soon enough.

If you’re not closing enough deals, I would encourage you to ask yourself 2 questions each day:

1. What properties am I making offers on today?
2. What I doing today in marketing my business to make my phone ring tomorrow?

Now go out there and buy a house!

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