Last night we hosted a fantastic teleseminar about short sale, and The Short Sale Formula. if you missed it, or you want to listen to it again, please go here.

We covered a ton of important information, and by the time we got through the first 30 or questions, we realized that we still had another 90 or so to answer! Don’t worry, I’m going to answer every single one and record them, and get them out to you.

We did some important announcements on the call last night, so I just want to recap them for you:

More bonuses added!
In addition to the bonuses that you can see on the original sales page, a few days ago we added the following bonuses.

Well if those were’t enough for you, check out what we added last night:

1. Our outsourced short sale company is going to give every single person a free 30 minute strategy session to help them jump start their business, and answer ALL of their short sale questions.
2. They are also going to share with everyone who takes action and gets started all of the marketing materials that they are currently using in their own local area, that get them hoardes of motivated sellers calling them!
3. We added a split pay option. For those of you who couldn’t afford the $497 investment, we now have a split pay option where you can get started for only $249 (and make a second $249 payment 30 days from now). This incredible offer means that you can get started today for as little at $249.
4. I just heard from a few more of our affiliates who are offering even MORE bonuses (in addition to the ones on the sales page, and the ones found here)

My friend Tom Zeeb is sharing two audio recordings:

i. Wholesaling for Fast Cash

Learn how to wholesale real estate to other investors for fast cash and rapid results. Wholesaling requires no major amount of money to get started and has no risk. This is the best technique for any market and perfect for beginners and investors of all levels who want to put large chucks of cash into their pockets.

ii. Negotiating “A to Zeeb”

On this call you will learn why negotiation is a critical skill, how negotiation fits in to business and real estate investing, the underlying concepts to understand about negotiating, the necessary stages of every negotiation, and the things that make a good negotiator. Using real-life examples, I will share many different negotiation techniques that you can put into action TODAY!

So just to recap for you:

I. Extra bonuses (read all about them above)
II. Split pay option
III. 30 minute strategy session with CEO of our outsourcing company
IV. Teleseminar from last night with tons of nuggets of information (like who are the two hottest lenders in America right now for big discounts) and answers to your questions.
V. I’ll be finishing the answers off to your questions and getting that recording off to you as well.

I’m so confident that with all of the value that we’re delivering to you, along with the easy payment option, that this is easily the best investment that you can make in your short sale education this year.

To get started, all you have to do is visit and follow the simple easy steps.

Watch out for the special bonus video as well after your purchase is complete! You’ll be happy you did!

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