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Over the last couple weeks you’ve probably been flooded
by emails about Bulk REOs. The world’s “money masters”
such as hedge fund mangers, private equity firms, and high
net worth individuals are actively investing in this exciting
and extremely profitable real estate vehicle.

But what are Bulk REOs… how do you find them… how do
you buy them… and how do you sell them for massive profits?

I’ve arranged for a webinar for you on Monday night, that will
demystify this exciting opportunity created by today’s economy
and showing you exactly how you can tap into this goldmine.

Monday night, August 30th at:

6pm PST
7pm MST
8pm CST
9pm EST


Kenny Rushing is hosting a special webinar on
how you can become a Bulk REO Trader… without money,
credit, risk or experience.

Go here to register for Monday night’s webinar.

On the call you’ll discover…
-  A currently profitable real estate vehicle that makes
   money right now.

-  Where to find real sellers and buyers of Bulk REO
-  Proven ways to buy houses for less than the price of
   one month’s rent.

-  How to buy commercial properties for pennies on the
-  How to get big checks with as little as two hours of work
   in just 14 – 21 days.

-  The 24 Hour Short Sale Strategy and how to BE THE
-  Where to find properties for 30% – 70% less than
   foreclosures listed on the MLS.

-  How to only work with the most qualified buyers with
   millions in funding and ready to close.
-  How to get prime properties FREE and CLEAR, to rent
   or flip for pure profit!

-  And more…

Join us on the webinar this Monday night. It starts promptly
at 6pm PST/7pm MST/8pm CST/9pm EST.
I’m not sure how many lines Kenny has arranged for, but with
so many people wanting to find out, I’m sure they’ll fill up
quickly, so register right now:

Talk soon.

1685 H. St., #679

Blaine, WA 98230

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