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Well it’s been a horrendous day so far: car troubles, &
then my laptop DIED.

I took it to the Sony servicing center, and while it will
only take them a day to fix it, the part won’t be here for
a week!  A WEEK?  What happened to Fedex?

Anyway, I’m sure you’re not interested in my laptop drama,
but because of it, you’re only just getting this email now,
instead of this morning, like you were supposed to.

Here’s the deal:

My buddy, Terry Wygal, gathered 11 short sale experts and
grilled them about what makes their business successful.

The catch, however, is that there’s nothing to buy at the
end of each call.

That’s right…pure content…

Check it out right now:

Terry brought together 11 of the very best Short Sale
Experts together for one series that is starting this week.

You will hear interviews and training that is usually
reserved for these speakers private mastermind students
because You Demanded Quality Training!

You Demanded it – We Delivered:

I received so many emails from my students demanding
one other thing:

No Pitch Fests!  As a matter of fact – ZERO Pitching

Yup, Terry cornered me and 11 other experts, twisted our
arms, and asked for a training with NO SELLING- Pure Content! 

As a matter of fact Terry even told me that a couple of
pretty well know speakers said Flat Out NO!
Teaching for fre*e didn’t quit fit their "Business Model"

Fortunately for you, me and 11 other people aren’t quite
so, well, I’ll let your imagination fill in the blank…

Here is what You Will Learn:

Imagine being a Fly on The Wall as we talked about
Short Sale Strategies such as:

A Quick, Easy Formula that will make you say "Duh’ that
will keep you from ever paying too much for a house again

- How To Eliminate Sellers From Your Marketing Funnel That
Will Never Qualify for a Short Sale

- Why the best way to get a Short Sale Completed is Spending

LESS Personal Time on it

- The Difference Between a Short Sale Prospect and a Short
Sale Suspect

- How to take Short Sale Investing to a Whole Other Level
by knowing what the  banks are thinking as soon as the file
hits their desk!

-   Find out how to make big profit*s when you hear the words
“I just want to keep the house” (while your competitors run
scared from those words)

-   The 3 things you simply MUST have in every short sale
deal (If you don’t have at least 1 of them, your deal will
be dead before you know it)

-   The single most important part of your pre-foreclosure
investing business (it’s the #1 reason I see most newbies fail!)

- The no-landlording, no-time method to get huge profit*s on
short sales — without doing any of the negotiations…get
50% of the profit*s for  doing almost nothing!

- The "Master Investor Passive Income formula" — the
steps you take so that you make half  the profit*s by doing
almost nothing — by simply connecting a master investor to
local deals …

- How to get just two or three real estate agents in your
area to do virtually ALL the work  involved in short flips
– everyone gets paid only when you get paid so there is
virtually no risk, and this can bring you 2 – 3 deals per

- The "I have no time" way to get real estate deals thrust
into your hands even while  you pursue your full time
profession away from real estate

- How to use the Seven Streams system for up to seven
different income streams from virtually any short sale

- How to strike up conversations with Realtors that put big
money into your pocket

- How to build instant credibility so Realtors give you

Here’s the thing – this interview series starts on
Wednesday – and you are invited!
You get to attend from the comfort of your own home – No
Flights and Hotels to deal with – and the best part of all?
It doesn’t cost a dime!

So go here right now and register:

We only have 1,000 lines and each speaker will be telling
their list about it.
So Do Not Delay In Registering or you will miss this – I
can’t be any more honest than that.


Justin Lee

PS- This really is fr’ee and you’ll want to take advantage of
this information.  Register now!

1685 H. St., #679

Blaine, WA 98230

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