I don’t just promote real estate investing courses…I actually *GASP* use them.

Last year I picked up a copy of Rob Swanson’s “Leads In An Hour” course, and I immediately jumped in, and went to town, devouring and watching all of the videos and read through all of the PDFs.

Once I was done with the course, something happened…

Something that maybe has even happened to you…

I did absolutely nothing with the information!

Yes, I had all the knowledge in my head, but I was too lazy to take action.

A year went by , and still nothing was done with this course.

However, I had hired a new virtual assistant, and had her go through the course.

A few weeks later, she struck gold!

Here’s my short story, and the net result of my team finally taking action with Rob’s “Leads In An Hour” course:


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