I haven’t posted for a while because we’ve been crazy busy here getting ready for our trip. Now I know what you’re thinking:

“How much packing can someone really do just to go to Atlanta for a few days for an Internet Marketing Seminar”?

Well, we leave today, but it isn’t just to head off to Atlanta.
Dreama and I have decided to take Stella on a little trip, and we’re off to Europe for a few months.

Now I know what you’re thinking already: is this guy really just going to drop both of businesses to bum around Europe?

But that’s not the case.
More on that in a second.

For now, I’ll let you know that after Atlanta, we fly straight to England. After that, it’s off to Greece (the island of Rhodes), Munich (for Oktoberfest), Croatia, back to England, then back to the USA.

We’ve rented our townhouse here in Vancouver (nice cashflow too I might add) and fully automated our preforeclosure investing business (more on that later) by bringing in a deal partner.

We’ll continue to work on our online efforts, and by me FINALLY finding the right person to handle all of our buyers and sellers here in Whatcom County, WA, our business is on the autopilot that we all talk about wanting, but find it difficult to achieve.

Don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t been easy. It’s taken a LOT of hard work, and time. Finding the right contractors to build your team, and your business, isn’t as easy sometimes as a look of “Gurus” and “Authors” make it seem to be. I’ve found that we’ve had to kiss a lot of toads to finally find some princes and princesses.

But we have some excellent contractors, VAs, and real estate partners who are really helping us grow our business.
They aren’t the cheapest game in town, but for what we pay them they provide excellent value in return.

I’ll be blogging often on this trip (hopefully, if the high speed access works out like it’s supposed to), so subscribe to the feed and put your email on the right hand side of page here.

I’m also loving twitter right now. Go and check it out, create a profile, and make sure to “follow” me and tons of other people on there. It’s really a growing community, and is PERFECT for the person who is not into blogging but wants to share. Oh yes, and did I mention that it’s addictive? :) -

So we’re off to the airport in a few hours, baby and all.
In fact, if you’re interested in hearing about our trip not from a business perspective, but rather a family/baby/lifestyle perspective, Dreama has just started her own blog. It’s called Simple Baby Travel, and will give people insight into how you can easily travel with a baby, including to work events and Internet Marketing Seminars.

That’s all for now.

I’ll post again once we arrive (and wilt) in the Georgia heat.

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