If you have been following along you know that we’re expanding our real estate investing business to the Phoenix, Arizona market, and we recently blogged about how we wanted to get an intern to help us in that market.

Well we’ve recorded a video update showing you exactly how easy this was, and how we found our first intern in only 9 days!

Watch the video below for an update, and for proof on just how easy it is for a real estate investor to find and hire interns to help them with their business.  Make sure you watch the entire video, because not only do we let you know exactly what the intern will be working on, but we share with you how you can duplicate our exact system for finding, hiring & managing interns.  If you missed the first blog post in this series, you can read them below or just click here.

To copy this exact system for finding interns check out www.InternProfits.com/new.  We can’t wait to hear your success stories!

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