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Here are the extra bonuses, in case you missed them:


A fr’ee 30 minute kick start strategy session with
our outsource short sale company. Take 30 minutes
and ask them anything you want to about short sales,
outsourcing them, what’s working now, and what isn’t.
(Value $250)


Our outsource short sale company is going to share
with you all of their marketing materials that are
generating tons of preforeclosure leads in their area,
with homeowner who just want out of their homes.
(Value $297)


Ever heard of It’s the premier
social networking site for Real Estate Investors online
(think myspace or facebook for Real Estate Investors).

I’m is a proud member of their REI Power Team. I
gives monthly coaching calls and webinars on
preforeclosure investing and marketing.

You can now get ALL of my past recordings as a bonus for
grabbing your copy of The Short Sale Formula.

The REI Power Team is a paid service, but you’ll get all
of his past calls (over nearly 20 hours of pure content)
when you grab your copy of The Short Sale Formula.
(Value $188)


Have you ever heard of Peter Kolat? He’s one of the
smartest guys around when it comes to using the Internet
in his real estate business.

Not only can you pick up a copy of his Real Estate Black
Book, but more importantly, you’ll get fr’ee access to his
YET TO BE RELEASED set of videos showing you exactly how
to use the Internet to buy and sell more homes online.

Peter is going to be CHARGING $397 for this product when
he releases it, but you get instant access just for
picking up The Short Sale Formula right now.
(Value $379)


1/2 off Online Comps service from Mark Jackson.

Look, if you don’t know how much the property is really
worth, you’ll never be able to make any money in short
sales. Stop relying on your local realtor, or worse yet,
something like Zillow, and get accurate, reliable comps
from your desktop.

Grab this now, and have access to instant, reliable,
accurate online comps.
(Value $129)


Did you know that the Government wants to give you
money for your investing business? Grants are an
amazing way to fund your deals.

Jillian Coleman Wheeler, the nation’s expert on grants,
has agreed to give EVERYONE who picks up a copy of
The Short Sale Formula a fr’ee copy of her
digital course titled:

Guide to Grants for American Homebuyers & Homeowners

This is not an e-book.
It’s a downloadable manual and 3 separate,
simple-to-use data files, ready for your immediate use.

Guide to Grants for American Homebuyers is a 4-part
resource consisting of:

•Quick Start Guide – an easy-to-understand manual to show
you how to find and take advantage of government grants.

•State-by-State Guide to Easy Government Grants – lists
and describes all of the thousands of state housing grants,
including those in your state!
And it gives you the contact information!

•Federal Programs for Individuals and Families – contains a
list and description of every federal grant and loan
program to buy or repair a home, the program managers,
and how to pick up the phone and call them!

•Housing Counseling Agencies – a comprehensive listing of
hundreds of offices, funded by the government and staffed
with friendly people who know every program, can help you
with credit, and will work closely with you to find the
right program to make your dreams come true!
(Value $79)


Two content only training teleseminars from Tom Zeeb:

i. Wholesaling for Fast Cash

Learn how to wholesale real estate to other investors for
fast cash and rapid results. Wholesaling requires no major
amount of money to get started and has no risk. This is
the best technique for any market and perfect for beginners
and investors of all levels who want to put large chucks of
cash into their pockets.

ii. Negotiating “A to Zeeb”

On this call you will learn why negotiation is a critical
skill, how negotiation fits in to business and real estate
investing, the underlying concepts to understand about
negotiating, the necessary stages of every negotiation, and
the things that make a good negotiator. Using real-life
examples, I will share many different negotiation techniques
that you can put into action TODAY!
(Value $194)


I saved the best one for last:

Access to our Wholesale Deal Submission site.

This has never been released to the public before.

Do you want to be able to instantly tell all of the REI
Marketing Tips community and our subscribers about
every deal that you need to flip?

You’ll get free lifetime access to this site, and with a
push of a button instantly get to market your wholesale
deals to thousands of interested investors.

All you do is complete a property submission form every
time you have a deal to flip, and it instantly gets sent
out to their entire database!

I am basically going to help you build your
buyers list. I can’t even put a value on this!
(Value- priceless)

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