Last night’s teleseminar was action packed with all sorts of goodies on the call.  Fortunately for you, if you missed it, the replay is already up:

Last night we pulled back the curtain and talked about:

  • Building relationships with realtors
  • How much to offer the lender
  • How to structure your purchases
  • How to “get around” Bank of America’s dreaded “Item #10″
  • How to structure deals with no cash out of pocket
  • How to pay private lenders
  • How to structure payments with private lenders
  • How to get a partner to do renovations for you

Plus a TON more!

We answered a TON of questions, and we even opened up the phone lines so some people got to chat with us LIVE.

The entire replay of the call is posted here:

You’ll notice on that page there’s also a big button to claim your very own private lender powerpoint presentation, absolutely FREE.

Go grab it now, before the replay page comes down.

Have a great weekend,


PS- Since it came up a few times last night, later today I’ll be sending you an email with a video about finding private lenders.  DO NOT miss watching the video!

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