Blaine, WA, July 8, 2009 — Today, released a new video to help homeowners prevent foreclosure.  The 57 second video explains to homeowners how they can stop foreclosure fast.  The video explains to homeowners that there are options when trying to avoid foreclosure.  A homeowner may be able to keep their home and stop a foreclosure while others may have to sell their home to avoid foreclosure.

As foreclosures continue to rise throughout the country,, LLC  continues to see homeowners facing foreclosure contact their company in increasing numbers.  Recently, CNN, Bloomberg News and RealtyTrac, Inc., all reported record highs of foreclosure filings.


 “We have seen a large increase in homeowners contacting our company for assistance with their foreclosure.  This new video will provide some insight into the options that homeowners may have to stop foreclosure and possibly avoid losing their home,” said Dreama Lee, President,, LLC.

The video can be viewed on the company’s website at: or on their YouTube channel at:

The foreclosure problem in the US can be credited to a host of different issues including falling real estate prices and the current mortgage crisis.  However, as the economy continues to decline and a lot of homeowners lose their jobs, an increasing number will also lose their homes.  Rising unemployment is an increasingly contributing factor to the surge in foreclosure filings.    


California, Florida, Nevada, Arizona and Illinois continue to lead the way in foreclosure filings.  These areas can attribute the higher foreclosure filing rates to over building of new homes and the presence of many speculators investing in these homes. 


 “As foreclosure filings continue to increase, homeowners need to find professionals to quickly help stop foreclosure.  We are doing all we can at to help every homeowner that contacts our office to keep their home and if they do not qualify, we try to help them sell it quickly to avoid foreclosure,” said Justin Lee, CEO of, LLC. specializes in helping clients who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments or are facing foreclosure.  The company has local representatives across North America who can offer comprehensive solutions to foreclosure problems. was originally launched in 2004.  As a family owned and operated company providing foreclosure prevention and consultation service, the company has grown into an international firm with local representatives throughout the United States and Canada helping homeowners stop foreclosure., LLC helps homeowners stop foreclosure. Call 24/7 for a free confidential no risk consultation: 1-888-472-8380.

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Remember that we’re here to help you stop foreclosure fast on your home, whether you want us to try and help you keep it or sell it.  For your free consultation visit and be as detailed as possible to receive your totally free, no-risk, no-obligation analysis of your situation.


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