Last night I held the first ever “Short Sale Approval System” training teleseminar. Hundreds of people joined us as we reviewed how you can get tons of short sales approved, in writing, in 30 days, guaranteed!

I am posting the replay to the audio below, but before I do that, i want to make some important clarifications about last night’s call:

1. I kept telling everyone that the correct email address to send your deals to for evaluation was leads AT That was INCORRECT! The CORRECT email address is deals AT As you can see, I was suffering from a mild form of dyslexia last night…LOL.

I have corrected the email address so that moving forward, BOTH email addresses work. However, if you sent in a deal last night within the first two hours, please RESEND the email.

2. Many people on the call were asking about “what about if there’s 2+ mortgages on the property. In that instance, as long as it’s a “mix and match” of the lenders (listed below) we can handle them. In the case where only the 1st (but not junior) lien is with one of the lenders listed below, we can still work it, but you’ll have to work on the 2nd mortgage yourself. IMHO, the best thing to do is to stick with files that only have 1 lender, or if 2 lenders, it’s a combination of those below.

3. In the training I reference “the snake”. We’re taking part in a pilot program for this lender on Monday (we’re picking up 2 new deals tomorrow). I’ll let you know as soon as this is ready for public consumption, hopefully very soon.

Okay, here is the audio so you can listen (again). Also, below the audio, I’m going to a “matrix” showing you each lender, and their requirements. You need to listen to the call in detail to understand the matrix below. Please don’t send in any deals without first listening to the call below.

Lender Type Of Loan That Is Okay 30 Day Guaranteed Written Approval Guaranteed 6% Commision Guaranteed Satisfaction of Mortgage Balance Guaranteed $1,000 to Seller On HUD1 Take A File In Process?
Wells Fargo Porfolio Only YES YES NO NO NO
Wachovia Porfolio Only YES YES NO NO NO
Citi FANNIE or Private Investor (No FREDDIE or FHA) YES YES YES NO YES

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