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Hi Future Real Estate Millionaire

Greg and Jeff are getting slammed with questions today
about SIMS. The crazy thing is that it’s from people who
already bought. 

Lots of people are saying they bought for the 6 module
internet training course. Others are saying they bought
for the "coaching program" and to get step by step help
to get their business setup and marketed online.  Others
wanted the lead capture websites and squeeze pages.

There’s still more you don’t even know about so Greg
and Jeff are going to give a DEMO tonight. 
Short and sweet.  About 30 minutes.
They won’t be going over anything about themselves, just
showing you the meat and potatoes of exactly how SIMS
works so you can make the decision for yourself.

Even if you just setup one site and use 2 ideas to drive
traffic – you could have deals to work on next week.

It’s so cool how fast you can get squeeze pages up and
running – literally minutes.

It’s fast.  They’ll prove it to you.

They’re starting it tonight right at 5pm PST/8pm EST.
In 30 minutes you’ll know exactly how SIMS can change
your business AND your life.

Register now:


Justin Lee

PS- This is a live DEMO, and only 30 minutes long, so
don’t be late:

PPS- Don’t forget that even if you purchase under
the payment plan, you still get our killer bonus

1. Press Releases are a HUGE part of our Internet strategy. Press Releases are a component of SIMS, although quite honestly, there’s not enough time spent on them. Fortunately for you, Dreama and I recorded 2 separate audios EXCLUSIVELY on using Press Releases in your real estate investing business. These 2 audios will be made available to you for download after you order SIMS through our special link (Value $97)
2. As many of you know, Dreama used to do PR for the White House. When you order SIMS through our special link, Dreama will PERSONALLY write 2 press releases for you for any aspect of your business. This could be for a Property Launch, announcement of a new website, sale of a property, you name it, we’ll write it for you! (value $497)
3. Submission of Press Releases to all of the major Internet press release sites. Look, just because you’ve written your Press Releases, you’re only halfway done. Now you need to distribute them. Don’t know where to start, or don’t want to spend the time manually inputting them? No problem, not only will my team put them on a webpage for you, but we’ll submit them to all of the major free press release sites. Plus, we’ll show you exactly where and how we submit our Press Releases for any future ones that you do (Value $97)
4. A pair of 30 minute consulting sessions with Justin Lee (private). If you get stuck in SIMS, want to do some serious Internet Masterminding, get straight answers live on the phone with someone, you get a PAIR (2) of 30 minute sessions privately with Justin (Value $500)
5. Two (2) hours of FREE web development services from my own personal web developer! If you need any web pages created, blog plugins set up, or anything else web related, you can use my personal web developer (based in North America) for you needs. Work with someone who ONLY speaks English, so there’s no language barriers or confusion (Value $44)
6. Ability to use my wed developer for ongoing projects (after you use your first 2 free hours) at the insanely low reduced rate of $22 per hour! Finally, get any web work you need done so you can focus on your real estate investing. My developer understands all of the needs to be successful online. Don’t waste your time interviewing someone or hiring overseas, when you can use my developer (Value: priceless)
7. A free audio recorded about how I sold a house in 5 days in a snowstorm. Take what I did, learn from it, and apply it to the Property Launch Formula (Value: $27)
8. A pair (2) of special coaching webinars when SIMS is over! SIMS includes an 8 week coaching program. But what happens when it’s over and the coaching ends? Don’t get stuck, just get Justin! I’ll include 2 special webinars at the end of your 8 week coaching with SIMS for any questions you have, any place that you get stuck, or continue to help you grow your real estate and online business (Value $497)
9. A free copy of The Short Sale Formula! Never get stuck doing your own short sales ever again! Outsource your short sales, get all of the paperwork you need to close them, and access to my funding source to close all of your short sale deals. (Value $497)
10. To maximize SIMS, you need people to implement the strategies. Rather than take it all on yourself, get a team of VAs to do it for you! I’ll personally host and conduct a training webinar on where to find VAs, how to screen VAs, the exact emails that I use to screen them, and how to find loyal, hardworking VAs who will do great work for you for just a few dollars an hour!


1685 H. St., #679

Blaine, WA 98230

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