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Then get on the webinar that Greg is holding tonight,
pay attention and then make a sound, educated decision
about whether or not it’s going to help your business:

After you listen to the webinar, to do two things:

1.  Make a list of the pros and cons of buying SIMS
2.  Think to yourself "If I didn’t invest in SIMS,
how else could I spend that money"

If the answer is "I can’t" then don’t buy SIMS.
However, if the answer is something else, think long
and if that "something else" will give you (or your
business) more benefit than SIMS will

So here’s the scoop on the webinar (which you should
get on matter what)…

The webinar is at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT (you can register below)

SIMS is getting pulled off the market at MIDNIGHT, tonight!

Tonight is your last chance to get in on SIMS 2.0
and the SMP program.

I just got word from Greg and he’s shutting this thing
down tonight.

You still have one last chance to get on a webinar
with Greg if you still have questions about this
program, but time is running out fast.

Get on this webinar now

You can learn all the details of SIMS 2.0 and SMP
before it shuts down for good. And once it’s
gone… well, it’s gone.

The last time they shut down, SIMS was completely
off the market for more than 11 months. So unless
you’re willing to wait until the middle of 2011 to
start building your investing business with tons
of leads… well, you need to act now.

Bottom line: they’re ready to get the coaching
program rolling so they’ve got to pull the plug on
this thing.

Get more details here



PS- All my bonuses are still available, and also
on my blog.


1685 H. St., #679

Blaine, WA 98230

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