I’ve personally know Kenny Rushing for nearly 2 years now.
I like Kenny, I respect him greatly as a both a real estate
investor, and as a business person.

In fact, here’s a picture of Dreama and I with him from
just a few weeks ago in Los Angeles:
But as much as I like Kenny, I have to tell you the honest
turth about his Bulk REO system:

There’s a couple of big problems with Kenny Rushing’s Bulk
REO Trader system, and if you overlook them, you’re going
to find it VERY difficult to close any deals.


Let’s face it, closing deals is why you want to buy his
system, correct?

Okay, so here are the problems, and here’s how, if you
buy the platinum version of Kenny’s program through MY link,
I’ll help you overcome them:

1. You need a professional image to be taken seriously by
anyone selling bulk REOs.

Do you think that your “we buy houses” website is going to
produce the image you’re looking for?
Do you think that with an email address of like
fredbuysatlantahouses@hotmail.com you will be taken seriously?

Of course not. But when you get your copy of Kenny’s course
(the platinum version), I’ll give you a free website that
my developer will create for you.

Nothing flashy, but a simple website created in WordPress
so that you can edit it as you see fit, once we’ve built it
for you. In fact, I’ll even help you pick out a domain
name that sounds, looks and IS professional.

2. You need to SOUND like a professional when you’re
trying to flip bulk REOs.

Are you a rookie when is comes to selling yourself on the
Does the thought of calling an asset manager at a major
(or even minor) bank get you nervous?

Before I started my real estate investing company in 2003
I did corporate, business to business sales. I generated
all of my own leads through cold calling.

I have called on major lobbyists and law firms in
Washington, DC to C-Level executives at companies like
Verizon & Comcast.

I know what it takes to be successful selling on the phone.

To be successful in this business you’re going to need to
learn how to MASTER selling on the phone.

When you get your copy of Kenny’s course (the platinum version)
I’ll PERSONALLY provide you with the following:

i. 4 “Group” telesales coaching sessions for the smart
investors who buy the platinum version of Kenny’s course
through my special link.

ii. 2 Private “1-on-1″coaching sessions where I’ll personally
help you become more comfortable on the phone, work on your
scripts, help you overcome objections, and MUCH, much more.

If you can’t master the selling on the phone and sounding
professional, it doesn’t matter what other crappy bonus
someone else is going to give you . You won’t even have any
deals to analyze, let alone flip…

3. Access to a partner who can “proof up”

Banks and lenders are going to want to see that you’re serious.
Kenny has the best proof of funds letter in the industry, but
what about if the bank wants to verfiy that you have the funds,
in the name of the company who’s buying the bulk REO package?

Dreama and I are willing to partner with you, AND let you use
our bank statements (sorry, they’re only 6 figures, not 7)
to help strengthen your offers on every deal you’re working on.

All you need to do is to indicate that you want to do a deal
split with us, and we’ll proof up and partner with you on the deal!

So there you have it.

3 REAL bonuses that actually HELP you close more bulk REO deals.

Let’s face it. If you:

-Have an unprofessional website or domain name or email address
-Suck on the phone and sound like a stumbling, mumbling rookie
-Can’t proof up and show bank accounts with CASH in them that
match the name on the contract

…then you’re probably not going to be closing on many bulk
REO deals.

That’s not to say that you couldn’t…but realistically, it
would be pretty tough.

Go ahead and grab Kenny’s platinum version of the course:


Email a copy of your receipt to me at justin AT reimarketingtips DOT com
and my team will call you to get you set up and on BOTH the
group AND personal telecoaching calls to make you a master
salesperson on the phone.

In bulk REOs, more than any other business, your ability to talk
on the phone, establish connection and rapport, sound and look
professional is more important than in other kind of real estate

I’d hate to see you invest in Kenny’s program only to discover
that you’re missing this simple yet CRITICAL elements.

Take action now, and email me your receipt, and we’ll get you
set up with your bonuses right away.

Happy Bulk REO Flipping,

Justin Lee

PS- Here’s link that 1 more time to ensure that you get all of my
bonuses: http://bulkreotrader.com/?1005624

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