So by now you’ve already made your new year’s resolutions, and (hopefully) come up with a game plan on how to “Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever” (yes, a tired cliche that was emailed out everywhere last week).

Guess what?

I still haven’t made my 2013 plan!

The reason?

I’m still reviewing 2012’s results, seeing what worked, what didn’t, what enjoyed, what I didn’t, and what I can improve on.

Am I late to the party?

Sure, a little bit.

But last year I also noticed something in my business.  I think back to a famous quote, one that I heard real estate investing legend Ron LeGrand:

“The Less I Do The More I Make”

That’s what I’m all about in 2013:

Fewer deals with bigger margins.  I’m looking at blocks of houses, not just individual ones.  I’m looking at raw land, and the possibility of sub-dividing it and flipping it to a developer.

I do have a couple of “new” things in the works however.  But they are small, low impact, and possibly high return endeavors.  The first is that I’ve launched my first ever “Meetup Group”.  Are you familiar with  It’s a place to go and find other like minded individuals about specific topics.  It could be anything from real estate investing to cooking to working out to mother or father groups.  If you have an interest, there’s a probably a group for it in your town.

Why am I launching a meetup group?  Two mains reasons: 

1.  I genuinely want to help people in Canada invest in USA real estate.  Especially since real estate in Canada (especially Vancouver, the 2nd most unaffordable city in the world when it comes to housing) is way overpriced.  If I can show someone here how to invest in real estate (much like I do with people who read my blog and my emails), and they can close a deal and make some extra money, that would make me happy.

2.  Selfishly I’m looking for more partners.  Specifically, I’m looking for more private money lenders to fund my buy, fix and flip business in San Diego, and I’m also looking for joint venture (equity partners) to help us on bigger development deals, and also for buying blocks of houses that we’ll hold/keep for cash flow.

If you’re looking for more buyers or private lenders, I would strongly encourage you to start your own meetup in your own city.  The cost is $72 for the year (payable to  But if you set your group up correctly, you instantly establish yourself as an authority in your local market.  Heck, I bet that you’ll even have deals brought to you.  Go ahead and start one!

The other new “project” that I have on tap for this year is to write another book.  Only this time, it won’t be about deep frying turkeys; instead, it will be about the life that Dreama and I have built for ourselves, which we owe primarily to real estate investing and earning an income online.

It will be a guide for how to get out of the rat race, and instead live a happy, fulfilling life.  When it comes time for book reviews, don’t you worry, I’ll be asking you for your help!

Speaking of you, how can I further help you in 2013?

  • Is it by joint venturing with you?
  • Buying your deals?  (If you have blocks of houses that can become cashflow rentals, I’m interested)
  • Helping you with private money? (I plan on raising a lot of it this year)

I’d like to for you to let me know.  Just a leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Finally, what information would you like to see more of this year?  I am pretty well connected in the entire real estate education industry, but I want to know what you would like to learn more about.

Also, in what format would you like to learn?

  • Do you want to read more PDFs and reports?
  • Attend more webinars?
  • Listen in on teleseminars?
  • Watch more videos?

In case you haven’t noticed, we barely did ANY webinars in the 2nd half of last year.  The reason is twofold: first, there weren’t really any good webinars to share with you.  Secondly, I noticed a drastic reduction in webinar attendance last year.  Why is this?  Maybe if you could let me know below this post, it would help me to deliver better, more relevant information to you.

In closing, I’m excited about 2013, but only because I plan on making more money by working (and more importantly “doing”) less than I did in previous years.

Can I do it?

Only time will tell.

What I do know is that I want to hear from you, below, about how I can help you and what kind of information you want to see more of this year.

Enjoy 2013.  I know I will!

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