One of the best things about living in San Diego (outside of the weather and the beaches) is the fact that I have access to some of the smartest real estate investors in the country.

I mean, in the SAME OFFICE building, literally just down the hall, I can stop by and chat with Than Merrill from A&E’s “Flip This House”, and the rest of his team, and talk about “what’s working now” for real estate investors.

You see, we’ve been wholesaling short sales along with flipping them to retail buyers, but then I started talking with Than and his team about some of the other methods that THEY are using to generate deals and make money in this real estate market.

I was scribbling down notes furiously as they shared with me some KILLER ideas that I had literally never even thought of doing myself…

In fact, at the end of this “brainstorming session” I was blown away by how much cash I was actually leaving on the table!

So I asked Than a favor…I asked him if he’d be willing to record a quick video (instead of me “stealing” his ideas) and be willing to share it with you. He agreed!

You can check out this video here:

In the video Than breaks down all of the different real estate opportunities that exist in today’s market and how profitable a lot of the niches are.

If you are new this will help you understand where you should start.

If you are an experienced pro you will see opportunities to expand your business into bigger and more profitable deals. (This is exactly what happened to me!)

Here’s the link again to watch the free video (you don’t have to give up your email address or anything, just go to this page and watch the video):

Than’s been in this business for 8 years and has bought and sold over 500 properties and worked in pretty much every niche there is in this business.

Not only that, but every day I see him, and his team, first hand every single day, busy working on deals, marketing for buyers & sellers, and running a true real estate EMPIRE!

I know you can learn something from Than’s experiences (and his mistakes!) so check out this video now:

To Your Success,

Justin Lee

PS- I know that Than, being the sharp business person that he is, will track how many of the REIMarketingTips community will watch his video. I PROMISED him that I have a community of “Action Takers” and that if he took the time to record the video for our community, you would deliver and watch it.
So PLEASE, do me a favor, and watch the video, so I don’t look bad! (I want to be able to keep picking his brain for more golden nuggets of info, just like the ones in this video:

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